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mutant bread + morning run

Hello! I have a good run and bad bread stories to share with you today. Starting with the good!0302160637Katie and I met up for some miles this a.m. and finally got to run in the sun together. After a winter of dark runs together it’s good to actually see each other’s faces again.

What do you think of Shelby Park’s “dripping bird” statue? Some people hate it. I kind of like it.0302160631Well, that hour went by a lot faster than I thought it would. Running buddies are the best — thanks for the company (and speedy pace), Katie!0302160647In other news, there’s a gorgeous red sofa on Riverside Drive this morning if you’re interested. AND it comes with a toaster that you can use if you haven’t eaten breakfast yet!0302160639Speaking of toast… here’s my scary, spooky Frankenstein bread story._DSC0085We had some leftover buttermilk (still about a week away from its “sell by” date, mind you) that I thought I’d try to bake bread with yesterday. I’d heard that buttermilk makes great bread — good tip from reader Rina! — even if it’s gone a little sour. I took a little sip of the milk before I put it in my bread machine yesterday and thought it tasted a little tangy, but definitely not rancid or curdled.

I followed this recipe, which seems pretty standard with the exception of baking soda — I’ve never added that to a bread recipe before. Then I programmed my machine to finish baking the bread in 10 hours, sent warm wishes to the bread gods, and left for work. easy homemade bread in a bread machineWhen I got home 11 hours later there was THIS. Frankenstein loaf. mutant_bread_loaf_DSC0084I’m blown away by this complete BREAD FAIL. In my 1.5 years of bread making, this is by far the freakiest loaf I’ve ever seen. Look at those lumps!_DSC0085-001All I could do was laugh and toss this mutant loaf straight into the trash.

My bread peeps: Any ideas how this happened?! I’m thinking the milk curdled after sitting at room temp for so long and/or the baking soda did something wonky. I reached out to the experts at King Arthur Flour on Twitter this morning to see if they could provide any insight. Will keep you posted as I try to solve this crazy bread loaf mystery!

And the happy ending to the story: This morning I made a straight-up flour, water, sugar, salt, and yeast loaf. No buttermilk and no baking soda :) Much better!_DSC0087And now for those life-changing philosophical questions…

  • Dripping bird: Like it or don’t like it?
  • Spotted any good street furniture lately?
  • Any ideas why my bread turned out like a freak loaf?

3 thoughts on “mutant bread + morning run

  1. Oh no, Mary, I should’ve warned you that soda bread only requires a quick kneading and maximum 1 hour in the oven! Mea culpa. Try the recipe again, but mix it by hand just until the dough forms, then throw in a 350 (?) degree oven for about 30-40 minutes. I think you got the mutant bread because it was not meant to be made in a bread machine.

    • no worries! it wasn’t supposed to be soda bread so i don’t blame it on that. it was just supposed to be a buttermilk normal bread :). i DO love soda bread though — should have tried that instead!

  2. I like the dripping bird……………at least you can tell what it is………..sometimes “art” is just random pieces of metal, at least this is an actual thing!