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colorful run + magical meal

Whoa, what a morning!0303160611I was so enchanted by the sunrise that I ran straight east this morning to chase the colors. By the time I arrived at Cornelia Fort Airpark there was only a little bit of orange left in the sky, though.0303160630aAnd then things got really ugly and grey in minutes. And it started raining. Boo.0303160631I covered a quick 4.5 miles because I’m saving my strength for a new fitness studio adventure tonight :) But I did tack on an extra .05 miles to get a photo of this sad trail of orphan Cheetos for y’all. Head to Porter & Benjamin St. if you’re hungry.
Speaking of food, on the menu last night was one of the best Cook Smarts meals we’ve made in a months! And that’s saying a lot because you all know I love their recipes. This dinner was so fancy we had to bust out the wine on a weeknight.roast_chicken_and_potatoes__DSC0094The “secret sauce” is a marinade of olive oil, lots of lemon juice, and a bunch of spices (mostly rosemary with a handful of others). Toss the chicken with it and let it sit pretty for a few hours or overnight. The original recipe called for chicken thighs but I went for a whole bird!

You drizzle the marinade on chopped potatoes and roast those alongside the chicken. If only I had a Dutch oven large enough to fit both the chicken and the taters… (Anthony, my birthday is only five months away :) )roast_chicken_and_potatoes__DSC0091Greek-inspired salad on the side. This meal was magical. Saving it as a favorite for the future.roast_chicken_and_potatoes__DSC0089Aaaaannnnd tomorrow is FRIDAY. The end.

  • Cheetos: Normal, puffed, crunchy, or flamin’ hot?
  • What was your run like today?!
  • Fanciest meal you’ve cooked lately?

4 thoughts on “colorful run + magical meal

  1. Wow that sunrise was gorgeous! I love days that start out like that. Boo to the rain, but what do you do? I’m going to be trying that chicken meal this weekend, I think. It looks divine! Everyone was raving about it yesterday on FB. Yay for Cooksmarts!

  2. Oh wow, that sunrise is gorgeous! To answer your questions:
    1) No Cheetos (blasphemy, I know, but I don’t really like them!)
    2) My run was muggy but went by fast. 1:1 hard:easy.
    3) Uh… The fanciest meals I’ve cooked are enchiladas and Irish soda bread. Not exactly gourmet food…

  3. This meal looks amazing!!! Saving my run for this evening because I wasn’t able to make it out before the rain this morning…Hope it stops raining so I don’t need to move my run indoors on the treadmill!

  4. I had one of the best runs I have had in a long time today with two running friends, and we also saw a very pretty pink sunrise!

    Would you recommend the Cook Smarts chicken pot pie recipe you made recently? (Pot pie is one of my favorite foods!)