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Friday! This week flew by, right? Like usual, I have a bunch of random stuff built up on my camera and in my phone that I need to share with you before it’s too late. Starting with soup!chard_white_bean_sausage_soup_DSC0081The funniest thing happened this week. On Monday, Anthony and I went over to my parents’ house to hang out and watch The Bachelor (because it’s SO DRAMATIC I need full family support when watching) and my mom had this lovely white bean/sausage/chard soup and salad ready for dinner.chard_white_bean_sausage_soup_DSC0076I guess my mom and I share meal planning brainwaves because I’d bought almost the exact same ingredients to make the same meal to make at the Lambkin house this week:sausage_kale_northern_bean_soup_DSC0130Ha! The only difference in our soups was that mine had kale (not chard) and a few diced tomatoes. Luckily this soup is so tasty that I have no problem eating it three times in a row :)sausage_kale_northern_bean_soup__DSC0132There are a million kale/white bean/sausage stew recipes on the Internet but the one I followed (from Cook Smarts, of course!) is pretty similar to this one, minus the carrots and plus a few herbs. sausage_kale_northern_bean_soup__DSC0134So who won the unintentional soup throw-down? I’m going to have to hand this one to my mom because she unveiled a secret weapon: this amazing Italian butter which took my bread slice to a whole new level.delitia_butter_DSC0075Butter is one of my favorite foods.chard_white_bean_sausage_soup_DSC0080On the opposite end of the culinary spectrum, I bring you French fries served out of a dirty bowling shoe.
I can’t believe this kid was handling French fries with bare hands next to nasty shoes! Hilarious. Anyways —  don’t worry, we didn’t eat any fries. We just focused on the game. As you can tell, our group is pretty serious about bowling.0301162052And check out the forecast for this weekend!


I’m declaring it spring (ish) time.flowers_DSC0142See you Monday!

  • Most unsanitary food service operation you’ve ever seen? (I once was a waitress in a restaurant and we found a lizard in the beverage ice machine… and the manager totally didn’t clean it out.)
  • Do you buy fancy butter? (I splurge on Kerrygold)
  • Average bowling score? (Let’s just say I was very very far from breaking 100)