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weekend snapshots + pizza thoughts

Not a bad way to start a Monday:0307160618The East Nashville streets were hoppin’ with street food and furniture today. Must be spring cleaning/spring eating season. First, a pile of five mattresses: 0307160621And second, some lonely pizza crusts orphaned on Riverside Drive. 0307160634aI really don’t understand people who don’t eat their crusts. Speaking of pizza, I randomly discovered Big J on YouTube today, because what else do I do on the computer at 5 am other than Google around for pizza reviews. CaptureBig J has 4,000 subscribers and all he does is review fast food for a living. #ToughLifeHis review of Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust has 40,000 views. Wow.

7:47 must be my magic pace lately (see my second watch photo at the bottom of this post). Good run today! 50 degrees is my favorite running temp.0307160701So, how was your weekend? Mine included lots of running and cake!0306161024e_DSC0159Now that my whole fam (12 people in total!) lives in Nashville, whenever we get together there is a good chance it’s someone’s birthday week/month. In the past few weeks we had my mom’s, niece’s, and sister-in-law’s! Cake was in order._DSC0160 I tried out this “perfected yellow cake” recipe and while I can’t say that mine looked perfect, it sure did taste pretty good. _DSC0178It also transported nicely in our 45-minute car ride to Mufreesboro. 😉0306161554aI’m hoping that Sunday family dinners are here to say (and Mom, if you want to make cornbread every week that works for me…)_DSC0166Oh yeah. And about that running I mentioned! Saturday was gorgeous.0305160755I headed down to the airfield and did my usual weekend route.0305160759Apparently a few hundred other people had the same idea ;). I ran right into the Tom King Classic half marathoners! It was fun running with these racers for a few miles — they definitely encouraged me to pick up the pace a bit.0305160814aView from the top:0305160814On my way out of the park I ran right into this guy! 0305160845Anthony and I were both out running different routes at different paces but I thought we might catch up with each other at the end. We finished the last two miles together — teammates for life!0305160858bAnd let’s just end this post with a pile of Mexican food. Tried out Little Donkey in Germantown on Saturday and wasn’t disappointed!0305161854

  • Pizza crusts: Yes or no?
  • If you could be a YouTube star for anything, what would it be?
  • Your favorite running temperature?

4 thoughts on “weekend snapshots + pizza thoughts

  1. Pizza crusts=yes! (except no stuffed crust)

    I think I am on you tube plenty, for the penguins I work with.

    About 55-60 is my favorite. I raced a PR marathon here in Chattanooga sunday, and it was that perfect combination of weather, crowds, cheering, and fun!

  2. No on pizza crusts.

    My perfect running temperature is 45-55 degrees with low humidity. Even with low temps, if there’s high humidity, it throws me off.

  3. How can anyone skip the pizza crusts? That’s the best part!

    I like about 45-50 degrees. Don’t need any extra layers but could still pretty comfortably be out in short or long sleeves.