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BarreAmped Nashville Review

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting BarreAmped in East Nashville! This studio recently moved from Woodland Street over to Fatherland Street and I was excited to see their new space. West-siders, BarreAmped has locations on Music Row and in The Nations, too :)barre_amped_east_nashville_review_DSC0103The East studio is clean and cozy — perfect for small classes of ten students or less. Anthony and I attended a 6:45 “barre boot camp” class with only two other classmates, which almost made the experience feel like a personal training session. The 5:30 pm class that left right before us seemed quite busy, though!barre_amped_east_nashville_review_DSC0115Studio owner and instructor Rebekah got us started right on time and kicked off class with some light stretching and cardio-focused exercises before moving into an arm workout. Like many of the barre classes I’ve attended before, we went through a series of low-weight, high-rep movements that isolate one or two muscles at a time for maximum impact. After 20+ repetitions, those two-pound dumbbells can burn!

Then Rebekah gave us a serious leg, hip, and butt workout. We did a bunch of mini squats, leg raises, and kicks — with short cardio bursts in between to keep our heart rates up. I think that was the “boot camp” part of the class.barre_amped_east_nashville_review_DSC0110These backward kick/leg raise things were the hardest exercise of the hour! I have the classic runner syndrome of weak glutes/hips and this stuff gets me every time.
After our legs had almost shaken themselves off, Rebekah moved on to core work. Lots of planks, push ups, bridges — you know, all of those exercises you know you should do but always seem to run out of time to fit into your workout :) . Since there were only four of us in class, Rebekah was able to focus on everyone’s form and help us get each movement right. She perfected my plank!barre_amped_east_nashville_review_DSC0119Time out to briefly note my favorite thing about the BarreAmped’s equipment (all of which was very new and nice, mind you) these Kakaos mats! They were thick, cushy, and smooth but not slippery. I think I need one at home!barre_amped_east_nashville_review_DSC0126We did a fair amount of stretching for the last ten minutes of class. Instructors often rush through the post-workout stretch so I appreciate that Rebekah managed her class time well!

And I appreciate that Anthony was a good sport and came to barre with me! This was his first barre experience and he handled it like a pro :)
Overall, I’d say that BarreAmped was on par with many of the barre studios I’ve been to before in terms of the workout. Not the most challenging class of my life (and I admit that I’m personally more fond of cardio-focused classes, as a runner), but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a low-impact workout that hits every muscle group — especially ones that are often overlooked like the hips and lower back. The East Nashville BarreAmped studio was very clean and the equipment was in fantastic condition — perk of working out in a brand-new facility!

Plus, BarreAmped has two other locations and offers a number of other barre-type classes as well as cycle/spin classes which is a major plus. Lastly, the BarreAmped membership rate is slightly lower than other barre studios in the area. So, two thumbs up for this studio which offers more for less among all of the boutique studios I’ve reviewed in Nashville to date. Here’s my final tally:

BarreAmped East Nashville
Location  East Nashville
Class times  6 am – 6:45 pm (East location only – there are two other studios with even more classes)
Class days 7 days a week
Locker rooms | showers  Cubbies | no
Price  $5.50-$18 per class depending on membership (see pricing) (note there is a new member special this month, too)
Class duration  45-60 minutes
Music  Yes. Standard top 40 pop/dance hits
Vibe  Intimate, laid-back
Classes I tried  Thursday 6:45 pm — barre boot camp
Difficulty  6
Calories burned  140
Cardio-focused  4
Weights-focused  6
Motivating  7
Fun  7

Thanks for having us, BarreAmped!
BarreAmped Nashville: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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