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today’s topics: train noises, lawn decor, fish burgers, table linens

Today I was out the door extra early to meet up with Katie for a run. This made my 4:40 wake-up time worth it:0309160545The sunrise today was so crazy! Reminds me of all my favorite Starbust flavors (orange, pink, yellow. Yes, I like the yellows) stacked together. 0309160555Katie and I covered four miles together and then I finished the last two solo. Even though I’ve been running this neighborhood for two years,  the East Nashville streets never fail to surprise me. How cool is this Douglas Avenue house’s lawn decor?0309160609And speaking of East Nashville news, there’s a bit of a debate happening about the train noises in our neighborhood. Whenever Anthony and I host out-of-town guests, they say that the trains wake them up at night — but we’re so used to it that we sleep right through it! I actually kind of like the train noises rumbling around town, but I suppose if my house was right along the tracks I might think differently. Anyways.0309160612Today’s run was accompanied by a (speedy!) running buddy and amazing weather which made me happy — but my legs felt pretty tired the whole time. I think a day off is in order for tomorrow. In which case I have absolutely no idea what I will blog about so get ready for some Thursday randomness.0309160618Moving right along to our menu this week: Burgers and fries. Fish “burgers” and veggie “fries,” that is :)panko_fish_sandwich_coleslaw_DSC0202This Cook Smarts meal wasn’t my favorite of all time — but it wasn’t bad at all. Plus it gets extra points for being easy. Just crumb some fish in panko and pan-fry it until it’s nice and crispy. Top with cilantro-lemon coleslaw and stack between two buns!

I wanted to make my own buns this week but I was too intimidated to try them on my own again. Whenever I’ve tried to make buns in the past they turn out like hockey pucks. #BreadProbspanko_fish_sandwich_coleslaw__DSC0208Roasted carrots and parsnips on the side. And a gorgeous napkin passed down from my grandma! Now that I can sew a little bit I have a new appreciation for high-quality table linens. panko_fish_sandwich_coleslaw__DSC0206Speaking of which, that extra-early alarm clock means that I have a few spare minutes to go stitch up a few things before work! This week I’m tackling napkins to match my new table runner :)

  • Random: Does anyone else think that parsnips have a mint-y flavor? I’m wondering if I’m crazy or not.
  • Nashvillians: Train noises — yay or nay?
  • One thing you appreciate now that you didn’t before?

One thought on “today’s topics: train noises, lawn decor, fish burgers, table linens

  1. I used to live near the tracks too and got used to the noise. I think it’s one of those things you get used to if you listen to it daily, but it’s super annoying if you’re visiting and can’t sleep.