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friday randomness #132

Morning! Fridays are for sharing all of the random things that I neglected over the week — such as this snapshot from the time I spent three hours in a refrigerator sorting various meats:IMG_20160305_134304Our church group volunteered with Second Harvest Food Bank the other day and organized lots of donated foods to give to people in need. Who knew that charity work could be so… COLD. :)

Moving along to cooked meat…southwestern_whole_chicken_DSC0211I adopted my mom’s Le Creuset pan for the week and am having attachment issues. It’s going to be heart wrenching to say goodbye in a few short days.

We cooked up another whole chicken (I’m really into cooking whole chickens right now. Did you know that it’s a serious trend?) and it browned so beautifully in that pan!southwestern_whole_chicken__DSC0219Leftover wild rice from Monday (revitalized with pepitas and onion!) plus an orange/avocado/cilantro salad on the side. Crazy skull napkins. I was digging the Southwestern theme!southwestern_whole_chicken__DSC0222This Cook Smarts meal was one of my favorites of the week. Leftovers were awesome for lunch, too!southwestern_whole_chicken__DSC0218Intermission: Favorite workout of the week was this morning’s 6 a.m. “circuit blast” session at the Margaret Maddox/East Nashville YMCA. Nashvillians, if you are Y members you have to come try this workout! My arms are so sore I can barely lift them to type up this post.

And favorite band of the week: Dirty Gold! Just discovered them on Google’s “I’m feeling lucky radio” and they remind me a bit of Tennis, another one of my favorites. Check them out.

Back to the kitchen… here’s last night’s dinner! With prominent La Croix product placement.beef_broccoli_soba_noodles__DSC0227Beef, broccoli, cabbage // soba noodles // soy-miso sauce. Yum! I went a little overboard on the coconut oil while cooking everything in the wok. We doused everything in sriracha sauce to balance out the sweetness :)beef_broccoli_soba_noodles___DSC0233Off to start the weekend! Have a good one!

  • Cast iron cookware: Worth the investment?
  • Whole chickens: Yay or nay?
  • Locals: Best YMCA class you’ve been to?

3 thoughts on “friday randomness #132

  1. The Green Hills Y has an awesome boot camp class taught every Saturday at 9:15 AM in the basketball gym. We use all kinds of equipment, including having races on rowing machines!

    • Ooooh! Maybe I’ll give that one a try next week. Saturdays are usually run days for me but I can switch it up!

  2. I have that exact same Le Cruset braiser and love it! I use it for a lot but have never done a whole chicken – they intimidate me!