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a weekend full of running & baking

Despite losing an hour of time over the weekend, we still managed to fit a lot of stuff in! Including two lovely runs. At almost the exact same time and exact same pace! Ha.03121608130313160739aOn Saturday Lizzie and I ventured into the park and invented a new route. I wish I could say we learned how to avoid East Nashville’s hills, but that is officially impossible :)0313160739I haven’t seen Lizzie in forever and the biggest news of the past few weeks is that we now have matching shoes. 0312160700BTW, has anyone else heard rumors that the PureConnects are being discontinued? That info combined with Will’s death on The Good Wife over the weekend has made the past few days quite tragic.

On Sunday I needed some extra time outside and with friends to cope with it all 😉 . Thanks for the run, Katie!0312160805Words of wisdom from Rosepepper.0312160810Fourteen miles in two days! Paired with post-run breakfasts and the only news I read: Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty section, which this was an in-depth look at 26 different types of cheese. Important issue, you guys._DSC0250I’m going to take it easy for the next few days on the running front, especially since it’s dark in the morning again and as a result I have no motivation. Any anti-daylight savings freak early birds out there with me?

On the plus side, I suppose the time change means I’ll have better natural light for my food photos in the evenings! :)_DSC0262My grandma and cousin were in town this weekend so we spent lots of time with family. On Sunday we hung out at my sister’s house and Saturday was dinner at our place!_DSC0264Anthony and I teamed up to make dinner for six. He handled the mains (homemade pasta in cream sauce + crumbed chicken):_DSC0259And I was in charge of apps, salad, and DESSERT! After my ugly but delicious attempt at yellow cake last weekend, I was determined to try the recipe again to get better visual results. I may or may not have shed a tear when I made a rookie mistake by not greasing one of the pans properly…0312161439BUT we were able to salvage the cake and cover up the mishap with a generous layer of frosting. Nothing in life that a little buttercream can’t fix. _DSC0255Apparently baking and running were the themes of the weekend. On Sunday it was super humid outside — so like any normal person, I thought, “This is PERFECT weather for bread making!”_DSC0266Fig walnut bread recipe coming at you soon, people! Have a good week!

  • Your news source of choice?
  • Any Good Wife fans out there? How can I cope with this whole Will tragedy?!
  • Any PureConnect fans out there? How can I cope with this shoe tragedy?!

5 thoughts on “a weekend full of running & baking

  1. Good wife is a great show! I was devastated when Will passed! But the show continues to stay great, though I was not sure how they would manage that. So sad to know this is the last season!

  2. Brooks discontinued the Pure Drifts a few years back and I was so sad! Hopefully they are not really discontinuing the Pure Connects, too!