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quick runs & shepard’s pie. plus a new blog series!

Hi there! Popping in to share a quick couple of runs and a slice of shepard’s pie. What better way to start a Tuesday?0314160726Yesterday I slept in a bit (daylight savings, you kicked my butt!) and only had time for a quick three miles. Despite my short route I still stumbled upon some street furniture for y’all. This box spring has seen better days.0314160720In other news, spring is here! Or maybe summer? The high is EIGHTY-FOUR degrees in Nashville today. Welcome to the South.0314160717I realized I never wrote about our little track adventure last week! Somehow I skipped over a run.0310160655g And I’m especially excited to talk about this one because I’ve decided to start a new series on track food. The track we go to is the trashiest track I’ve ever run on (even trashier than Teddy Roosevelt High, where I used to run in DC’s Petworth neighborhood). There are so many junk food wrappers around the track and I know that we all loved gushing about Gushers when I posted about finding them at the track last year0804150552So this year I’m going to feature a NEW junk food wrapper every time I visit the track. Starting with Reese’s! Somehow the weird orange glow of this wrapper was so radiant my camera couldn’t even capture it. Tell me your Reese’s stories in the comments section.0310160653aSpeaking of orange glow… here’s that shepard’s pie! I changed things up and used sweet potatoes instead of white ones :)_DSC0280Shepard’s pie is delicious, but not the most photogenic dish I’ve ever made. Hopefully my sprinkle of parsley helps jazz it up a bit:_DSC0282Served on TV trays in front of The Bachelor finale! Truly the MOST DRAMATIC finale of all time 😉_DSC0286Gotta run!

  • Bachelor finale: Were you shocked? We weren’t too surprised. Also, did anyone else think JoJo’s rose ceremony dress was completely outrageous?
  • Reese’s cups!!! Tell me your Reese’s cups, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s mini story. Do you remember Reese’s Fast Break bars? Those made up most of my diet in 1999.
  • Is it starting to feel like spring in your part of town?

3 thoughts on “quick runs & shepard’s pie. plus a new blog series!

  1. Sweet Potato Shepherd’s pie is so hard to photograph, but yours looks great! I wasn’t surprised with anything except Jojo’s dress. If that low cut didn’t make him change his mind, there’s hope for us all!

  2. I had to travel for work yesterday, and was in the air during the finale–SO sad I missed it in real time. The shepard’s pie looks good! The sweet potatoes help make it more photogenic.

  3. I’d never had shepherds pie until yesterday, but I thought it was delicious! The sweet potatoes look really good but Milad doesn’t like sweet potatoes (I’ll never understand this)