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tribendurance bars + morning run + my new blog

Good morning!0316160627aSpent an hour chasing the sun today. It took a solid 35 minutes for it to finally rise — I felt like I was running on the edge of the globe or something, just going round and round and never catching it. Everything was really quiet and calm out there. This is my zen.0316160631Just as I was getting into my runner’s groove, I was interrupted by these terribly rude DUCKS! :)0316160643Seven mostly easy miles this morning with half a mile of uphill torture:the_nasty_hill_east_nashville0316160652“The Nasty” hill never gets un-nasty, but I think it does get less intimidating. I used to avoid this hill like the plague but for the past eight months or so (from peak training weeks for the Detroit Marathon and onward) I’ve tried to tackle it once a week so that it knows I’m not scared of it anymore. It’s the little things :)

In other news, last night Anthony and I had a very classy dinner event to attend…los_nietos_restaurant_east_nashville__DSC0288We went checked out Los Nietos with some friends and though I really wanted this hole-in-the-wall taqueria to be as tasty as El Jaliciense and our other fave grungy Mexican establishments, I can’t say we were blown away. Fajitas were fine, service was a failure! We have extremely high expectations for empty restaurants on Tuesday nights and were a little let down by the pace of the experience, which was the opposite of rápido.los_nietos_restaurant_east_nashville___DSC0291Oh well — at least we got to check off one more restaurant off of our never-ending list of Mexican spots to try in Nashville. Speaking of which, I might have decided to start another blog which is entirely dedicated to reviewing Mexican restaurants in Nashville… yep, I actually just reserved the domain. Not kidding. Will let you know when I find time to start posting! :)

In other food adventures: I recently got to try out TribEndurance moringa bars!moringa_bar_tribendurance_DSC0103Made in Nashville by a Kenyan native (who ended up running at Belmont University!), these bars are designed for endurance athletes and packed with all the good stuff to get you going. I was pretty excited when the TribEndurance peeps asked me to try some out.moringa_bar_tribendurance_DSC0105The secret ingredient in these bars is moringa leaf powder. The moringa tree, aka “the miracle tree,” has a bunch of vitamins, nutrients, and protein. The TribEndurance nutrition label looks pretty good to me — similar to a Larabar but with half the sugar.moringa_bar_tribendurance_DSC0106Here’s Larabar’s cashew cookie nutrition label, in comparison:larabar

Anthony and I tested out the TribEndurance cashew cinnamon raisin bar and thought it had a nutty flavor that wasn’t too sweet. Kind of like cinnamon raisin bread! I’d kept my bar in the messy depths of my purse for like two weeks before we tried it, so I’m actually surprised it wasn’t more smashed/crumbled than this when I finally opened it up!_DSC0147-001You can find TribEndurance bars at a number of local Nashville running and food stores or order them online through the TribEndurance store or Amazon.

And that’s all of the randomness I’ve got for y’all today! Gotta go work on my Nashville Mexican food blog and get Wednesday started.

  • Favorite snack/granola bar?
  • Locals: What Mexican restaurant should I review next for my new and totally unnecessary blog?!
  • How do you find your running zen?

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