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Happy Friday! Best life lesson I learned this week: “Peel” garlic in seconds by shaking it in a jar. Who knew. 20160317_184959PS if you watch the video above, she adds some extra steps like separating the peels by adding water, slicing off the tips of the cloves, etc. I’m sure that would help but I just kept things simple: 1) put garlic in jar. 2) shake the crap out of it.

We used our cloves to cook up some butt! Boston butt, aka pork shoulder. Yum.20160317_182612I went for carnitas-style meat by adding a bunch of spices (oregano, cumin, paprika, cayenne) and the secret ingredient: half of an orange! After the meat cooked all day long on low in the slow cooker, I crisped it up in a pan on the stove.

We used the butt in Mexican salads with a yummy garlic-lime dressing from Cook Smarts. PS, I hope the word butt on this blog makes you giggle a bit!carnitas_salad___DSC0304Some  Mexi-style veggies and tortilla chips for extra staying power.carnitas_salad___DSC0307What’s that I’m drinking? Bundaberg ginger beer! I’ve been really into root beer and ginger beer lately. This is my favorite so far. I must have a thing for Australians.bundaberg_beer_soda_DSC0305Speaking of which, I recruited Anthony to come join me for the 6 a.m. circuit class at the Y this morning. I have no idea what all of these exercises are now, but they made sense to me at the time:20160318_061240These little slider pads seem harmless, but they’re tougher than a 50-lb dumb bell. Try doing a slider push up with them!20160318_06545820160318_065458(0)Would love to chat more, “butt” I’ve gotta run! Here’s the good news, though: I’ve got a bread recipe coming at you at 12 CST. The carbtastic chronicles are back!

  • Have you ever cooked Boston butt, aka pork shoulder?
  • Favorite soda/fizzy drink?
  • Best kitchen hack you know?

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