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weekend recap

Hello! How was your weekend?20160319_080940Ours kicked off on Friday — we had a date with Rihanna!20160318_213002Rihanna was fabulous, of course, but the lights and dancers might have been my favorite part of the show! Made me want to take more hip-hop classes and go pro. But instead I decided to just go for a run the next morning.20160319_081417The weather was kind of weird and chilly this weekend, but Saturday morning wasn’t so bad! I covered four miles with Anthony before we parted ways so that I could do a few more. The sky looked like a big jar of marshmallow fluff.20160319_083132We’ve got a nice mattress + box spring set on Riverside Drive. 20160319_090617Ten miles, done. PS this shirt from GapFit is one of my favorites — and it’s currently on sale (in pink and purple) for $27!20160319_091432On Sunday we went out for an easy three miles. Just to get the legs moving a bit between episodes of The Good Wife. We are HOOKED.20160320_075450_001Stopped for two photo sessions: 1) My new Nashville profile picture! If you’re reading this post in a browser (not in email) you’ll see it on the left. I hope we got my good side. and 2) My new favorite street furniture find of late. This olive green couch is truly extravagant. 20160320_080148On the food front, we had some adventurous eats this weekend. Saturday we met my paretns to try Taj Indian Restaurant. Taj is located between an abandoned shopping center and dollar store somewhere along Nolensville Pike…Taj_Indian_Restaurant_Nashville_DSC0312BUT it was packed with people. And really really good! I actually almost don’t want to blog about it because I don’t want anyone else going there 😉Taj_Indian_Restaurant_Nashville_20160319_180839Naan.Taj_Indian_Restaurant_Nashville_20160319_180929On Sunday I baked a batch of my favorite cookies for our friends’ housewarming party. award_winning_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0114Made sure not to spoil my appetite for dinner, though! I recently subscribed to Cook’s Illustrated magazine and was eager to try their North African red lentil soup recipe (copycat recipe here). Seemed perfect for a cold and drizzly Sunday night.red_lentil_soup_north_african_spices_DSC0330Better yet, this recipe only took 30 minutes to make — a record for any Cook’s Illustrated creation. I made a simple salad on the side and scorched some bits of leftover bread to make “croutons.”red_lentil_soup_north_african_spices_DSC0333The maroon dots you see are paprika/mint butter, which was surprisingly good. Plus a few drops of harissa for heat. This was my first time trying harissa, which is sort of like sriracha but more smoky, less tangy. Read about the differences between them here!mina_harissa_DSC0334Hopefully some of that harissa heat will keep me warm on my run this morning. It’s 34 degrees outside and I am not okay with that.

  • Ever tried harissa?
  • What was your long run like this weekend?
  • Locals: Favorite restaurant along Nolensville Pike?

3 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. I really like harissa and that Indian food looks amazing!! I traveled this weekend, so fit my long run in Friday after work and was able to beat the cold front that rolled in. It’s not technically on Nolensville, but I really like Gojo!