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spring flowers, steak dinner

It’s been cold here, but at least the skies are clear. Gorgeous morning for a run yesterday.20160321_063409I headed down to the park — dressed in a jacket and mittens, oh my! — just in time for the sunrise. Despite the 30-40 degree temps, things are still in bloom!20160321_064702I’m pretty proud of the photo above considering it was taken with my sweaty chin (fingers were wrapped up in mittens) at 6 a.m. I got the new Galaxy S7 last week and it’s by far the best smartphone I’ve had to date. The only three things I consider when buying a smartphone are: Its size/weight (so that I can easily carry it while I run); its freezing point (so that I can run with it in the winter and not kill it); and its camera (so that I can take photos with it while running). The actual workings of the phone are secondary.

Five miles to kick off the week. I have a feeling this week is going to fly by and I’m alright with that!20160321_070502By yesterday evening, it’d warmed up enough to fire up the grill. We went to the most amazing place over the weekend (Costco) and stocked up on meat for the month. Including steak!_DSC0339Anthony has perfected his steak-cooking method. His two secrets: 1) Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temp (when they steaks are 140 degrees, they’re medium-well) and 2) Brush the steaks with butter :)_DSC0340Simple roasted veggies on the side. Crumbled bleu cheese on top!_DSC0337Tell me something fun in the comments section! It’s kind of a humdrum Tuesday and I think we all need a little lift. <3

  • Best thing that has happened to you this week? (I’m going to list yesterday’s sunrise as my favorite)
  • If you had a million dollars to spend today, where would you go? (You’d find me at Costco)
  • Locals: Best place for steak in Nashville? (I hear Kayne Prime is top-notch. Never been!)

2 thoughts on “spring flowers, steak dinner

  1. Instead of the run on my training schedule this morning I had a tea party with my 18 month old at 5 am… She makes the best tea :) … Best thing this week.