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running, pizza, and cake

We’re halfway through the week and this sunrise is helping me power through.20160323_063530I had a feeling that the downhill descent into downtown — and resulting uphill climb home — would be worth it today, and it was! I ran into an actual photographer (not a run blogger smartphone photographer) on the pedestrian bridge and we chatted about how gorgeous the morning was. Anyone awake and outside before 7 a.m. is my friend.20160323_063207I know I already told you this, but I’m loving my new phone! It’s lighter and narrower than my last phone (meaning that it’s easier to run with) and does cool tricks like this auto focus/fade thing. Can’t wait to take some enhanced street furniture photos 😉20160323_063635Seven miles, done! I was kind of dragging at the start of this run but kept chugging along at a pace that felt comfortable. Seems like I finally hit my groove around mile 3:


20160323_070306Just when you thought this morning update couldn’t get any better, I have pizza and cake!geadellos_pizza-nashville_DSC0244I recently discovered Geadello’s pizza here in Nashville and am in love. We tried their frozen pizzas the other night, which I think are available at most local stores — we got ours at Turnip Truck. They also have an actual shop near Percy Warner Park. That’s right, fresh pizza located next to one of Nashville’s best running routes…could be dangerous. geadellos_pizza_nashville_DSC0245And here’s some cake! My friend Kristen baked this deliciousness last night and served me the prettiest slice just so I could feature it on the blog. Wish I had another piece for breakfast right now.20160322_202852Remember back in the day when I used to end each post with random running/food/local news links? Bringing it back for one day and one day only…

And your questions:

  • Do you ever talk to strangers on your run?
  • How many miles/minutes does it take you to find your running groove?
  • Locals: Favorite pizza in Nashville?

7 thoughts on “running, pizza, and cake

  1. My cake made the blog! Seriously though, you did get the best looking piece. GF baking does not usually allow for pretty presentation haha Just looked at the link you posted for Clyde’s on Church. Looks like a really fun place! Let us know if you go :)

  2. That sunrise is gorgeous!! And seemed to only be downtown. I was in the hillsboro/green hills area and totally missed it. It usually takes me about 2 miles to hit my groove. I think five points is my favorite!

    • Oh, I don’t have it! My friend Kristin made it and it’s gluten-free. I know she used a GF mix and applesauce though.