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weird run + junk food + perfect hard-boiled eggs

Hi there! We’re one day away from the weekend.20160324_065534Today was a weird run. I jogged around the neighborhood for a few miles, then met Anthony at the track for another 1.5 miles. Then I had him drop me off 0.5 miles from our house because my Garmin showed 4.5 miles and I just needed to start today on a solid number. I know I’m crazy, but I also know a ton of runners who are equally OCD. Tell me I’m not alone in the comments section. 20160324_064533It was super windy today which meant that every quarter mile was really easy or really hard! Actually the whole thing was hard because I haven’t done speed work in like six months.20160324_065016And the track junk food of the week: Good old Chips Ahoy. 20160324_064636I remember I used to really like the rainbow variety of these when I was in high school… do they still make those?5686818362_07624e31ac_bMoving along to real food, we’ve got Mediterranean chicken our menu for the week. This was a Cook Smarts chicken wrap recipe that I basically unwrapped and turned into a salad of sorts. Paired with some leftover veggies from Monday. _DSC0353For the base I rummaged through our fridge and came up with spinach, cous cous, feta, and olives. The sauce was a mix of red peppers, garlic, dill, and greek yogurt — whirled together in the food processor! Not sure how I lived 27 years without a food processor btw. It’s one of my favorite appliances these days._DSC0354In other cooking news, I made some hard-boiled eggs this morning with the help of experts! Leave it up to the Cook’s Illustrated team to test five different boiling methods. Spoiler alert: The winner is actually steaming (not boiling) the eggs followed by an ice bath._DSC0363See you Friday!

  • Have any Chips Ahoy memories you’d like to share?
  • Tips for the perfect hard-boiled egg?
  • Any other runners weirdly obsessed with ending their runs on an even mile or half mile?

6 thoughts on “weird run + junk food + perfect hard-boiled eggs

  1. I used to love chips ahoy cookies (especially the rainbow ones!) but now I have little tolerance for prepackaged cookies. Apparently my taste buds evolved and I’m a cookie snob now. :)

    My current training plan calls for a lot of timed runs – 30 min, 60 min, etc – and I can’t deal with it because I have to end on a .0 or worst case a .5. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I just don’t understand how people can run like 5.62 miles. I would have a panic attack!

    • ohhh, i did a couple of training cycles where i ran for time, too. luckily, at the time, 7 miles took me almost exactly 6 minutes and i think 3.5 took me almost perfectly to 30. 😉

  2. I prefer Famous Amos if it is store bought chocolate chip cookies. And I peel the eggs right out of the pot, under cool running water. A little tender to the fingers but the cool water allows you to handle them.

    I don’t have a Garmin, but I have my Nike+ on my IPOD and even if it says 6.01 or something I round to the whole number because I am a bit OCD about keeping track of miles in whole numbers. I NEVER round up though…….5.98 is not the same as 6, so I will run around the block to make it hit at least 6.00!

  3. I’ll will do laps around the smallest cul-de-sac across from my house just to get to X.00. About twice a month I might stop at the half mile, but it’s rare. I want easy math to add up the week and month.