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10 miles & margot.

Friday!20160325_064802I usually take Fridays off from running but I didn’t get my run date in with Katie this week so we scheduled a special Friday jog at 5:45 a.m. like normal people do. She’s training for Boston and had 16 miles on the menu — I definitely didn’t join her for all of those but powered through the first eight with her! It was dark for 99% of the run but by the time we got down to the airfield the sun was just starting to sort of show behind the clouds.20160325_063429Since I’d started early and was already eight miles in, I figured — what the heck. Might as well get my weekend long run out of the way! I tacked on two more miles for an even ten. I wasn’t even awake for most of this run so the whole thing just cruised right by.20160325_064311Feeling very pink and purple today. 20160325_065527_001Guys. I’ve been dying to try The Birdhouse, a “Korean hot chicken” joint ever since it opened the other week. Anthony and I made big plans to go last night but it was CLOSED. Apparently it’s only open for lunch? What kind of business model is that?the_birdhouse_east_nashville_20160324_184649We drowned our sorrows at The Filling Station. Kombucha for me! (Sticking with the pink and purple theme)filling_station_east_nashville_DSC0366Eventually we ended up at Margot, an East Nashville favorite that’s been around for more than a decade. I’m always impressed when restaurants can stay cool for more than a few years — seems like such a competitive, fickle industry.margot_east_nashville_DSC0367I was craving chips in a bad way. These were addictive.margot_east_nashville__DSC0370Fettuccine – crumbed veal – roasted red peppers – arugula. So fresh!margot_east_nashville__DSC0374And THIS chicken. Not exaggerating, I think this was the best chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life. We asked our waiter for tips on how to make it at home! I think the secret might be cast iron and a lotta butter. margot_east_nashville__DSC0375Margot is a new (old) favorite! I haven’t been here since I was in high school and it’s even better than I remember.

Have a happy Easter!

  • Ever tried Korean food, or Korean hot chicken specifically?!
  • Locals: Have you been to Margot or Marche?
  • What day of the week do you typically do your long run?

4 thoughts on “10 miles & margot.

  1. I can not get up that early! Only if I have a race or we are going to Dollywood or something fun like that!
    I usually do my long runs on Wednesdays……..I am off so it is a weekend for me.