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weekend recap

First off, thanks to everyone who has participated in the reader survey. I’m going to leave it open for the rest of the week and then share results after. So far the answers have been really helpful!

And now I can share a weekend recap, one day late! Hope you all had a happy Easter :)_DSC0403We spent ours at my parents’ house with the whole gang. On the menu: PIZZA!homemade_pizza__DSC0418My parents’ new house has a pizza oven. Yes, Anthony and I are planning on selling our own home and moving in with them ASAP.homemade_pizza__DSC0498homemade_pizza__DSC0501My mom set up a toppings station and we went a little overboard! So many different types of cheese. How could you expect me to just choose one. homemade_pizza__DSC0505We paired our pizza with a good old Easter egg hunt! Our little nieces and nephews scored some candy and quarters to add to their stash :)

And I had a little egg hunt of my own to attend earlier in the weekend.

Per a reader recommendation (thanks, Jessica!) I checked out the Green Hills YMCA’s Saturday morning boot camp class. The instructor had us all set up with a fun Easter workout. These eggs weren’t filled with candy. They were filled with exercises! Bah.20160326_094851Fun class! The Easter egg workout was cute but my favorite part of the workout was our 15-minute dodge ball game. Forgot how fun that is.

Other weekend workouts included an easy Sunday morning jog!20160327_081550I covered three slow miles with Anthony (I guess those bunny hops on Saturday wore me out!) around the hood.20160327_081848I don’t know if this pile of stuff counts as street “furniture” or just junk in general. But I never pass up the opportunity to photograph an orphan toilet. 20160327_082028And just so you know that we didn’t eat pizza all weekend (though that would have been blissful), here’s a healthy meal we cooked!salmon_lentil_salad__DSC0379Anthony and I were both raised Catholic so we skipped out on meat on Good Friday. This lentil/salmon salad from Cook Smarts was fabulous! I added quinoa and croutons for some extra staying power. salmon_lentil_salad_DSC0377 (2)If I told you we paired this meal with FOUR episodes of the Good Wife, would you judge me?

  • Best thing you ate all weekend? (Pizza, obvi)
  • Favorite Easter candy/chocolate/dessert? (My mom made banana cream pie and it was awesome)
  • Do you usually eat meat every day? (We typically do one vegetarian & one fish meal a week)

2 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. The best thing I ate this weekend was some amazing guacamole with giant chunks of avocado! For $5 we got an order of chips and this tex mex guac with huge avocado chunks and probably 3 whole avocados were used to make it!

    I love starburst jellybeans and Cadbury crème eggs!

    I haven’t really thought about it, but I am sure we don’t eat meat every day. We mix in tuna, eggs, and cheese pizza quite a bit.