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sunrise run + black bean salad

No filter/editing on this. This was the real deal sunrise, people!20160330_062328I wasn’t really in the mood to run this morning but I had a running buddy to help get me out the door. Katie and I covered five dark miles together and chatted away. By the end of it all I was glad I got out there, as usual :)20160330_061902We parted ways just when the sun was starting to come up. I tacked on two more solo miles and found this little cat for company. He was hiding underneath a (parked) car and scared me for a second!20160330_061946Seven miles in shorts! Considering it was 43 degrees out this morning my wardrobe might have been a bit on the skimpy side. But I’m determined to NOT put on leggings for the next six months. Fingers crossed.20160330_064537Moving right along to something I’m always in the mood for: Mexican food. On the menu this week: black bean salads with extra guac on top.black_bean_guacamole_salad_DSC0511This meal was supposed to be black bean quesadillas, but after we ate our weight in bread and cheese on Sunday, we decided to lighten it up a bit by going the salad route :) The joy of Mexican food is that the same ingredients can be eaten in any form (on a chip, rolled in a tortilla, stuffed in a shell, served over rice, dumped on a salad) and it always tastes amazing.black_bean_guacamole_salad__DSC0512Any other radish fans out there? I love using them as toppers for mountains of Mexican food but I never know what to do with the leftover ones. I’ve heard you can cook themblack_bean_guacamole_salad__DSC0516I would add cooking radishes to my list of things to do this weekend (because that’s how exciting my weekends usually are) BUT — you guys! — I won’t be able to because I’ll be in DC with these lovely ladies! As part of Anne’s Cabot race team, Sokphal, I, and a handful of other ladies are running the famous Cherry Blossom 10-miler!DSC04335I don’t have any goals for the race (um, hello, I’ve been to the track three times in six months) other than to enjoy the company and look at the pretty flowers. Speaking of which, check out these gorgeous red flowers I spotted downtown yesterday. Anyone know what they are? 20160329_122558

  • DC peeps: Anyone else running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler?
  • Tips on cooking radishes?
  • Can you identify the pretty red flower above? I want to plant some!

6 thoughts on “sunrise run + black bean salad

  1. I’ll be out running too! Looks like it might be a little chilly at the start, but this is one of my favorite DC races so I can’t wait to be out there on the course.

    • i thought they might be tulips but am not confident enough in my botany skills! need to mark my calendar to plant some in november 😉

  2. I’m running it too. But what the what with the weather? I thought DC was in the southish and it would be warm by April. It’s in the 80s here as it should be. Guess I’ll be digging out my cold weather gear:(

    • oh cool! maybe i’ll see you out there! haven’t even checked the weather but i’m guessing it will be cold based on your comments. blergh

  3. I’m running Cherry Blossom as well. I’m concerned about strong winds Sunday morning and not so much about the temperature.