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wet run + wontons

What a weird morning! First off, all of East Nashville’s internet is dead. Secondly, it is raining like crazy and windy like the inside of a tornado. So why not go for a run.20160331_064347_099The wind was insane and I thought I might just blow away, Mary Poppins-style. I kept things slow and short — just headed into the park to see the ducks!20160331_065233Tip #1 for rain runs: Wear as little as possible. Today I sported short shorts and a tank top just so that my soggy clothes wouldn’t drag me down too much. I guess I forgot to hit “end” on my Garmin so today you’ll just know that I ran for 33 minutes :)20160331_071138Tip #2: Stuff your shoes with newspaper to dry them out in no time. Anthony, hope you were done with the Wall Street Journal today…20160331_071409Highlight of the run: These cushy new Swiftwick MAXUS socks that the people at Swiftwick sent to me! They’re a bit thicker than the usual Swiftwick socks so if you like a plushier run, these would be the perfect fit for you. This was my first run in them and I’m a big fan. Love that teal color, too!20160331_071112Last run until race day on Sunday!

And now for some exciting news from the kitchen: I conquered a new culinary goal. Homemade wontons. homemade_shrimp_wontons_DSC0568These wontons were on the Cook Smarts menu this week so I reserved an extra hour at home to make them! I’d expected that they’d take much longer than the recipe’s 50-minute predicted prep time and I was right. Stuffing and folding all those little wrappers was quite a task, especially for a wonton newbie like me.
After stuffing a few wontons I found my groove and it only took me one whole John Mayer album’s worth of time to stuff 42 of these bad boys. Lots left over for lunches!homemade_shrimp_wontons_DSC0548We pan-fried them and made a greasy mess.20160330_200614And by 8:15 p.m., dinner was served! HA. Probably wouldn’t make this recipe on a weeknight ever again, but it was still kind of a fun Wednesday night adventure.homemade_shrimp_wontons_DSC0560Asian coleslaw on the side, plus a bowl of soy sauce. Chopsticks are purely decorative, btw. I think I used them to eat one wonton and then just gave up and used my hands because I was way too hangry to eat delicately. #RealLifehomemade_shrimp_wontons_DSC0564One last wonton pic because I’m just really proud right now.homemade_shrimp_wontons_DSC0562Hitting publish before the internet drops out again! Stay safe in this crazy weather, Tennessee friends!

  • Most intense weeknight recipe you’ve tried lately?
  • Locals: Did you run in this madness?
  • Socks: Cushy or non-cushy? I’m usually in the non-cushy category but if it’s cold outside I go cushy.

7 thoughts on “wet run + wontons

  1. I saw that on the menu this week and was like uhm no thank you. I love wontons but I knew I wouldn’t have patience for that kind of lesson on a weeknight. I hear they fly really well though, so maybe you want to stuff some in your carryon to share with your friends :)

  2. I started looking into Cook Smarts and I was going to give their sample week a try but I was wondering if you choose the ingredient list for 2 people or 4? I will be just cooking for my boyfriend and I, do you think it would be better to choose just for 2?

    • go for four, at least! sometime i make the six-person servings because 1) i am usually very hungry all the time and 2) leftovers for lunch!

  3. I love non-cushy socks…except if it’s freezing outside.

    Most intense weeknight recipe I’ve tried this week. Uh, nothing. I’m really lazy and my days are super-long! I make a big batch of food on the weekend and reheat them.

    By the way, I think those are more potstickers than wontons! Wontons are shaped more like little coin purses and have the two little “ears” of wrappers sticking up. Potstickers are more elongated, with crimped edges, and cooked on the bottom of the wok/skillet, as you’ve done here in the photo.

    • oh you are so right. they are definitely potstickers!! brain fog is thick when typing up these posts at 6 am. thanks for pointing it out!