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pre-race eats + pureconnects obituary

Morning! Arms are almost too tired to lift up to my keyboard and type this post. The 6 am boot camp class I started taking at the Y is no joke.yoga_20160401_065750Luckily we didn’t focus too much on legs today, though — got to save those for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in DC on Sunday!

I’m preparing for the race by carb loading in various forms. Liquid carbs at Southern Grist last night:20160331_193514This new East Nashville brewery has all sorts of crazy beers on tap. Anthony and I tried the “bro-conut” beer which had a ever-so-slight coconut-y taste.southern_grist_brewery_east_nashville_20160331_193256Other fun food/drink adventures of the week: A trip to The Birdhouse! If you recall, we tried to go here last week and realized it’s not open for dinner.the_birdhouse_east_nashville_20160324_184649 However, when it comes to fried chicken I am DETERMINED. So yesterday I convinced three of my family members to meet me there for lunch!the_birdhouse_east_nashville_DSC0586And oh my goodness. It was really good. Bibimbop, Korean hot chicken, and spicy fries. Not sure if I can pick a favorite. If you go, just order the whole menu and eat it all.the_birdhouse_east_nashville__DSC0587I hate to end this post on a sad note, but it’s time to admit it: My favorite pink PureConnects are about to retire. This might be one of the last times you see them on the blog so I am giving them a special photo shoot and obituary because they are a best friend to me.old_brooks_pureconnects_women_DSC0535Doing some rough calculations (keep in mind I was a creative writing major in college and haven’t taken a math class since 2006): This pair of PureConnects (my 7th pair!) have about 700 miles on them, which is almost twice the usual running shoe lifespan recommendation. What can I say. They were tougher than your average running shoe. But eventually the sidewalks of East Nashville wore them down. Especially on the exterior edges — I guess I put a lot of weight on the outsides of my feet?old_brooks_pureconnects_women_DSC0532I’m treating my shoes to one last race this weekend (because the #1 race rule is never run in new shoes!) and then saying goodbye.old_brooks_pureconnects_women_DSC0536Considering that about 10% of their original body is missing at this point, they should have no problem floating on up to shoe heaven :)old_brooks_pureconnects_women_DSC0541May you go in peace!

  • How many miles do you usually run in your shoes before you retire them?
  • One food you will go out of your way to have?
  • Are you racing this weekend?!

5 thoughts on “pre-race eats + pureconnects obituary

  1. Wow! After 500 miles my shoes are shot………they start making my knees or heels ache so I retire them. I will go out of my way for good chinese food and for good breakfast………….I love good french toast!

    Not racing this weekend………my next one is in June in Leipers Fork!

  2. Whoa! 700 miles?!? I start feeling foot pain at 300-350 and switch them out.

    I will do whatever it takes to get good fresh popped kettle corn. It’s kind of scary and it makes me understand people who have real food addictions a little better.

  3. Hi Mary! I love your blog and read every post but never comment to say so (except when I suggested my fav mascara for your mascara throw-down and my suggestion won! Yay! Ha). So, hi. I was wondering if you would do a post on your favorite running blogs? I’m looking for more reading material… :) thanks!