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weekend recap: 36 hours in DC!

How was your weekend? Mine was full of fun in DC!20160402_151648Here’s a super fast recap of my 36-hour adventure. First stop: Lunch with Catherine! Long-time readers will remember her as one of my best training buddies from 2009-2014.
Catherine picked me up at the airport and we were going to head to Buredo, a hot new sushi spot. But, in typical DC fashion, there was a line out the door. 20160402_133358Change of plans: District Taco. We ate lunch around 2 pm so I dominated this huevos rancheros bowl.20160402_140206So good to see my friend, even if just for an hour! After I said goodbye to Catherine I headed over to Sokphal’s place where we caught up and got ready for a special pre-race dinner with Anne and team Cabot, including Ashley and Theodora! The star of this swanky event: Meb! What a nice guy. 20160402_183953Pre-race dinner hit all the right food groups: Carbs, protein, carbs, carbs, and carbs.20160402_193106Sokphal and I stored up on extra glucose just be sure we were prepped for the race. Milk is such a cool spot. So many new things in DC since I lived there two years ago!
Sunday morning = race day! Full recap on that one coming tomorrow :)IMG_0813Post-race brunch was the BEST. I was rungry and hangry at the same time, which is a deadly combination. 20160403_113245I’d been in DC for less than 24 hours, had run 10+ miles, and had been awake since 5:30 a.m. Next adventure: A trip on the train up to Baltimore!20160403_143252Alanna and I had just over an hour to catch up before I needed to head to the Baltimore airport. Look at this beautiful spread of wine beer and cheese she had ready for me! 20160403_161812We were very excited to see each other. BFFs since 2007.20160403_170537And before I knew it, I was zonked out on a plane and back in Nashville in no time! Anthony wins husband of the year award for doing all of the house chores while I was away AND cooking up a fabulous Sunday dinner. _DSC0588We’ve been wanting to try making crumbed veal at home ever since we had it at Margot the other week. Anthony nailed it._DSC0592Can’t believe it’s Monday! I need to unpack, shower, and hit the road again. I’ll be back with more details tomorrow!

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • Ever been to Momofuku/Milk?
  • Last time you took a girls’ trip?

4 thoughts on “weekend recap: 36 hours in DC!

  1. Bill and I walked by buredo right around 1, looking for a place to eat lunch. We had no idea what it was all about but figured it was good given the line. Which also caused us to keep walking. Wish I’d found Milk…looks yummy!