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2016 cherry blossom 10-miler recap

On Sunday, I ran DC’s Cherry Blossom 10-Miler! It was a whirlwind of a day — emphasis on WIND.
Sunday morning greeted us with 45-mph winds and temps in the 30s. Yikes. The race directors actually canceled the kids’ run because it was so windy! The adults, however, were still allowed to suffer enjoy the race. 😉 Here I am with part of team Cabot! So thankful that Anne and Cabot were able to sponsor me for this race. #willrunforcheddarIMG_0813Rewinding to the start: Woke up on Sokphal’s cozy couch at 5:30 a.m.! We ate some homemade bread I brought with me from Nashville (because I’m a carb snob) and I downed a cup of hot tea. By 6:40 or so we started to walk/jog the 1.5 miles from her apartment to the start line. I miss this view!20160403_063809I hate being early for races (especially when it is freaking freezing outside) so we had just enough time to drop our bags, snap a photo, and hit the start line at 7:30. Not a second to spare.20160403_072003Sokphal ended up running with a pacer buddy and I noodled my way up toward the front-ish of the race. Only about 2,000 runners ahead of me and 15,000 behind ;). This is a huge race, but for some reason it didn’t feel too overcrowded at the start. The Cherry Blossom peeps decided not to put up any start/finish signs or mile marker signs in fear that they would blow away, which made this race look kind of weird, right? Where is the start?!20160403_072905And then we were off! I am usually very frustrated during the first mile of a race because I have to weave around people, especially shorter races where I’m trying to run fast from the start. Surprisingly, Cherry Blossom was way less of a cluster than I thought it would be. After about half of a mile of weaving around people I was able to cruise right along.20160403_074506I didn’t have any firm goals for this race — especially when I found out how windy it was going to be — but thought that I could aim for a 7:20 pace. My previous 10-mile PR was a 1:13:42 from a race two years ago (7:22 pace) and I figured I might be able to eek out a PR if the wind blew me in the right direction :)

Mile 1: 7:19, Mile 2: 7:1620160403_075536As the runner crowds started thinning out and I warmed up a little bit, I thought — hey, this isn’t so hard! Still, I tried to hold back a bit because I didn’t know when the headwinds would hit.

Mile 3: 7:21, Mile 4: 7:12, Mile 5: 7:1020160403_082938By the time I hit mile 6 I knew I was in good shape to PR, and more than halfway done! I picked up the pace a little bit and enjoyed the tailwinds!

Mile 6: 7:14, Mile 7: 7:10, Mile 8: 7:08

At mile 8.5-9.5 the BIG wind came! I’d felt it throughout the race but it started coming on strong as we rounded out of Hains Point.

So I got reeeeeaaaaal close to some larger men and drafted hard. Big thanks to these guys:20160403_081419And this guy:20160403_081209And these dudes:20160403_083137And especially this guy! I think he was creeped out by me running so unusually close to him. Can’t imagine why. HA.20160403_083259I was hoping to let loose on mile 9 but the wind got to me. My goal for this mile was just to stay under 7:20…

Mile 9: 7:19

And then it was time to pick it up! The last mile was still windy, but at least most of it was a slight downhill. No finish line in sight because there were no signs — but I knew I was almost there! 20160403_084331Mile 10: 7:02

And then I was done! I freaked out a bit at the finish line because my Garmin stalled out for some reason and I was like WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE SATELLITES.20160403_084435But then it came back and showed my time :)20160403_084650Official finish time was 1:12:40 — a minute faster than my previous PR at a 7:16 pace. Anne and Sokphal PR’ed too — way to go, team!IMG_0806In fact, a bunch of ladies from team Cabot pulled off a fast race, despite the crazy winds. Must have been the magical cheese. About half of our team members were bloggers — you can go read their race recaps, too! Theodora | Ashley | Sokphal | Rose | AnneIMG_0900So glad I got to check this amazing race off of my list! Thanks again to Anne and Cabot for the opportunity. Hope to see you soon, DC!

  • My DC peeps: Did you run Cherry Blossom? Did you get blown away?
  • Are you a positive splitter or a negative one?
  • Favorite type of cheese?! :) I love a sharp white cheddar. Also love manchego.

16 thoughts on “2016 cherry blossom 10-miler recap

  1. Two differences I noticed between your recap and Anne’s- she got there very early and says she loves doing that and you got there very much on time and said you hate getting there early. Also her start was crowded and you seemed to breeze on through. I don’t know why I find this noteworthy/funny but I DO. Cooooongratulations you speed demon you. Must have been all those middle of the night runs trying to run far away from Hopkins.

    • i could never run far enough, though. oh i know, anne and i have totally opposite race strategies. we always give each other crap about it! hahaha

  2. Nice Job! My sister lives in DC and ran it last year. Wind is my least favorite thing. I’m a positive splitter for sure and don’t even care. I love all cheese, except american but it’s not real cheese.

  3. Way to go, girl!!! You crushed it out there and I loved spending time with you this weekend. :) Thanks for joining us! Love the pictures of your wind blockers, too – lol!

    Also, mental note: start farther up next time. I definitely started a bit too far back — was passing people for ages!

  4. So speedy! I’m impressed with your phone taking capabilities while running! I will take some credit for this PR because I suggested going to Milk. I still think it was that cereal milk soft-serve that gave you power! 😉

  5. Nice race! Loved the morning once I got going, hated that I started off in the wrong corral. I think I passed 3000 people the first six miles (love that feature on the cucb page!). Such a gorgeous morning even with my wimpy FL blood 😉

  6. Loved the fact that you were drafting! I tried to do that too but unfortunately I’m too tall to draft most people… Definitely hunkered down and stuck close to others during the gusts on Hains Point though!

    It was so nice to meet you!