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Morning!20160406_062416I feel like it’s been a while since I did the usual “here’s my morning run”-style post. After a few days of rest/travel/racing it’s nice to get back in the groove of things. Met up with Katie for our weekly run!20160406_061109My legs were a bit achy on this outing (partial blame on the 10-miler, but I think most of it was due to yesterday’s morning boot camp class at the YMCA — so tough!) but I just kept moving. Spotted this massive FAKE dog statue thing on a front porch and it really scared me! Doesn’t it look real? Also, where would you even buy one of these and why would anyone want one?20160406_062804Six miles in the books! And while I’m complaining about my tired legs, let me tell you what really hurt on this run: my FEET! Finally retired pair #7 of PureConnects after the race on Sunday and busted out pair #8 today. After basically running barefoot for the past few months in my paper-thin old shoes, these new ones feel so clunky and weird. I do like the blue color though.20160406_063145So. Food. After a weekend of beer, tacos, and ice cream, it was nice to cook up something fresh and simple on Monday! veggie_minestrone_soup__DSC0598As you all know, I’m obsessed with Cook Smarts (and not endorsed/sponsored/compensated by them in any way) and our use of it over the weekend is a perfect example of how convenient it is! Since I was out of town Saturday – Sunday, I didn’t have any time to meal plan or prep. And with Anthony traveling Monday and Tuesday, we were short one chef for a couple of days :).  But still, over the weekend he was able to easily log into our account, pick three meals for the week, and stock up on all the food we needed while I was gone. And while he was gone, I was able to easily prep the meals he picked on Saturday. Now we’re all set for Monday – Friday on the food front. Small life victory!veggie_minestrone_soup_DSC0596All of that being said, I can’t rave about this veggie minestrone soup in particular — even though we used homemade stock, plenty of Parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil, it still felt like it was lacking structure/richness. The recipe we followed is similar to this Williams-Sonoma recipe, minus the kale. And plus fresh basil, which was my favorite part. Can’t wait until summer comes so that we can grow our own again!veggie_minestrone_soup__DSC0599Reader survey results recap coming tomorrow! If you want to go submit feedback, today’s your last day :)

  • Favorite ice cream flavor?
  • What herbs do you grow at home?
  • New running shoes: Love them or hate them?

4 thoughts on “morning run-style post

  1. I just got new running shoes and still can’t decide how I feel about the new pair–I switched from Newtons to Mizunos and from a large toe box to a small toe box, so I think my toes are confused and still adjusting.

  2. Vanilla bean ice cream! And I love new shoes but it takes a couple runs to get used to them.

  3. 1) Favorite ice cream flavor: so many! But my favorite is definitely either Three Twins caramel truffle swirl or B&J’s Cherry Garcia.

    2) I grow rosemary in the front yard.

    3) I usually love new running shoes but I really hate breaking in Asics, which are very stiff and clunky.