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reader survey: results!

Thanks so much to everyone who took my reader survey the other week! It was really fun getting to know you guys through your responses and I got some great tips on how to make this blog the bomb. About 200 of you took the time to fill out the form. As promised, here are some results!

A little more about you: I’ve already talked about the demographics of minutes per mile readers in a previous post and know a thing or two about everyone’s age, gender, geographic location, and interests thanks to Google Analytics. (Note that the amount of Southern readers has increased since that post, though!) However, I’ve always been curious about how many of you are long-time readers vs. how many of you are new to the blog! Looks like I have a good mix of both. reader_resultsGetting more personal: An overwhelming amount of responses reflected that you guys want more lifestyle and personal posts. These take more time to write — and obviously step closer to that “what’s okay for me to post on the Internet?” line — but I’ll try my best to include more personal and non-food/running information in my posts in the future? Perhaps I can even dabble in some fashion/design posts?! (Anthony, this is my excuse for a shopping spree…)overall_more_results

Talk about training: The responses to this question didn’t surprise me too much, because as a blog reader myself I do love seeing other people’s training logs/spreadsheets in a weird, geeky way. Sounds like y’all want more mileage/pace stats as well as (more!) personal stories. Though there were a good mix of other recommendations related to gear and training tips. Overall I’m taking these answers to basically mean “more details about running.” I’m usually half asleep during my runs and rushing out the door when I write these posts, but I’ll make an effort to reflect more on those miles :)running_resultsFood! Interesting mix of results here. I can’t promise to supply more hand-crafted recipes because honestly, I don’t consider myself a master recipe designer or cook. Plus, does anyone else feel like the Internet is already full enough of mediocre recipes? I can, however, link to the trusted recipes and resources I rely on. I was also giddy to hear (in this section, as well as in the additional comments section) that you all want more kitchen organization/gadget posts. I love pantry organization and food storage and have a list of other similar “project management in the kitchen” topics to tackle! As for breakfast and lunch post requests, here’s the scoop: I basically just eat yogurt and leftovers. Exciting stuff.


Changing it up, but staying consistent: This question, combined with the responses you guys left in the comments section, revealed that although the consistency of my posts (in terms of timing/frequency and length) is something you do like, you wouldn’t mind if I changed things up a bit in terms of content and went in-depth on occasion. And you want more photos of my sweaty, sleepy face. dont_like_resultsFinal thoughts: Again, thank you all very much for your feedback! I read every single response — even the “constructive criticism.” Other takeaways: A few of you mentioned you wish I was more active on social media “(can’t make any promises there because I don’t have time to Tweet, but you can follow me on Instagram), I had mixed reviews on Nashville-related content (not surprising since half of you are up north, half of you are local-ish), and a handful of you expressed that you’d like to see less happy, more “real” posts. On that last subject, I’ll try to keep that in mind as I explore more personal/lifestyle content in 2016 and get to some real/tough life topics.

But I’ll also remind you all that I write these posts right after I finish off a morning run and before I head into work — probably my happiest 20 minutes of the day! Sorrynotsorry that this shines through :)

And if you ever have more feedback, feel free to leave it in the comments below or email me at minutespermile@gmail.com. Here’s to year 5 of adventures in blogging!

One thought on “reader survey: results!

  1. I *love* the happy posts, and this is the way I remember you to be, and remember myself to be when I was running with you!!