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Friday! Catching up from a very busy week:
^^ Beautiful day yesterday! Took a short walk over lunch and had to get a photo of the blue sky. Crazy winds and weather here lately (we didn’t have power on Wednesday night due to thunderstorms!) but there’s been some absolutely gorgeous moments in between.shrimp_stir_fry_DSC0628^^ Cook Smarts shrimp stir-fry. Loved the fresh basil and pineapple in this one — would have never thought to pair those two together.20160407_065410^^ Look who is back! Awesome morning run weather the past few days.20160407_06560320160407_071332^^ Nice and easy. Also, being short by .08 miles is killing me!!!proscuitto_wrapped_chicken__DSC0606proscuitto_wrapped_chicken_DSC0604^^ Prosciutto-wrapped chicken. Felt quite fancy for a weeknight. ps, I could have drank a whole cup of the dressing/sauce (which was basically olive oil, white wine, and chicken fat) straight up.20160405_061616^^ Another tough boot camp class at the YMCA. I’m thinking of just joining my old gym again so that I won’t have to do these workouts anymore…

AND LASTLY:homemade_marshmallows__DSC0619Yes.homemade_marshmallows_DSC0638Yes.homemade_marshmallows_DSC0642Do you know what these are?!homemade_marshmallows_DSC0649Homemade marshmallows! I spent yesterday morning and yesterday night preparing these bad boys, because there’s really no better way to spend three hours of your day. Thanks for the sweet tips, Alton Brown.homemade_marshmallows_DSC0645BUT: I haven’t even tried them yet! I’ve packed the marshmallows and have them ready to go CAMPING with us this weekend. Going to try that whole wilderness/campfire/s’mores/tent/bug spray thing. I’ll be back Monday with a full report (assuming I survive).

  • Camping tips? I have no clue what I’m doing.
  • Ever made homemade marshmallows?! I thought it was quite fun actually.
  • Most amount of push-ups you’ve ever done at once? I somehow pulled off 50 on Tuesday but I took forever and did at least half on my knees. Upper body strength is not my thing.

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