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How was your weekend? Ours was very outdoorsy. Like, completely outdoors._DSC0665We went camping! With a group of friends. In the cold. During the nights it dipped into the low 30s! I can’t say that waking up like a human popsicle was fun, but once I thawed out a bit and ate a s’more or three, I was a happy camper._DSC0706I haven’t been camping since I was maybe 10 years old! So, I had a lot to learn. Luckily Anthony set up our tent before I even arrived because I’m a diva. Also, our friend Luke is a camping pro, especially when it comes to cooking yummy things on the fire. Thanks for the survival tips, Luke!_DSC0714One night we made “hobo meals,” which are basically just a hodgepodge of veggies, meat, and cheese rolled up in foil and tossed in the fire._DSC0711Luke had smoked a huge amount of pork on Friday that we paired with potatoes and onions._DSC0716Plus half of a leftover sausage that Anthony had grilled up for lunch! We also had bacon for breakfast. It was a very porky weekend._DSC0701_DSC0699Since this post is 100% about food (and really 0% about camping) so far, I know you all are wondering: How did the homemade marshmallows turn out?!homemade_marshmallows_DSC0649We stuck ’em on a stick and toasted them over the fire. They were even gooey-er than store-bough marshmallows and fluffier, too! Yum.20160408_210244I’d definitely recommend making homemade marshmallows IF you have 1) a candy thermometer and 2) a stand mixer, both of which I think are pretty essential to the success of this recipe. The marshmallows weren’t incredibly labor intensive and were really fun to try out. homemade_marshmallows__DSC0619Anyways — I promise we did do more than just eat on our camping trip :). Montgomery Bell State Park has lots of green space for playing and hiking. We did both!
One trail took us on a nice 5.5-mile loop. The cool thing about living in the woods for two days is that you have no real agenda or deadlines. Usually my morning runs are rushed because I have to be home by a certain time, which made this walk a nice change of pace._DSC0690The trail wasn’t too challenging in terms of incline/terrain and went by a gorgeous little creek._DSC0672_DSC0679Luckily this old rickety bridge held up long enough for us to take a quick photo :)IMG_8674Later that day we played an intense game of kickball and then wrapped things up with more chitchat + s’mores around the fire!20160408_205931On Saturday night I slept in two pairs of pants, two shirts, and three jackets. So when the warm weather FINALLY arrived on Sunday afternoon when we got back to Nashville, I was more than ready for a sweaty, sunny run. Only one problem: I’d melted part of my new PureConnects in the fire on Saturday night (while they were on my feet, don’t ask).20160410_121500Nothing that a little Gorilla Glue can’t fix. Took them out for a run and they worked just fine! Ha.20160410_152931The Sunday afternoon streets were packed with East Nashvillians enjoying the spring weather. AND it felt really good to sweat out all the campfire smokiness that I’d absorbed over the weekend.20160410_152256Kept this one nice and easy because the legs were a bit sore after hiking and kickballing! Additionally, I think the cold weather might have given me a cold. I’ve gone through half a box of Kleenex just while writing this post.20160410_154658A wipeout weekend = a sign of a good weekend, right? Going to drink my 100th cup of hot tea. See you tomorrow!

  • Coldest weather you’ve ever camped in? I think it hit 33 on Friday night.
  • Ever melted a shoe while wearing it?! Probably one of my best moments to date.
  • Locals: Other good camping/hiking recommendations? So far Walls of Jericho is my favorite hike but we’re looking for a new spot to try.

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  1. I love Montgomery Bell! My boy friend and I always go mountain biking there whenever I’m home (PWP makes me so mad that I can’t just do it in my backyard!) and it’s gorgeous and not too far from where we live. I’ve always wanted to make homemade marshmallows, I’m glad yours turned out so well!