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sunny run, boston memories, easy frittata

The sun is coming up just a bit earlier every day. Love it!20160413_061809Met up with Katie for our LAST run together before she heads to Boston! She is super speedy and is going to crush it. Good luck to anyone reading this who is Boston-bound! I ran it in 2011 and even though it was one of my worst races (I should write a post on that) the Boston Marathon magic is pretty incredible. Also I just realized that I’ve had the jacket below for more than 5 years. #hoarder
Anyways, back to today. It’s a nice one.20160413_062254I can’t say it was my nicest run, though. After a series of wall balls yesterday, my inner thighs are on fire! And to go with this statement here is one of 1,000 accidental photos I took with my phone while running. I leave the camera on accidentally all the time — you should see the millions of blurry, odd photos I’ve collected over the years.20160413_061813Five and a half miles with lots of blue and pink. 20160413_063113On the other end of the spectrum: Here’s some yellow and green!sweet_potato_leek_frittata__DSC0732Last night I cooked up a sweet potato and leek frittata. The Cook Smarts recipe is very similar to this one, minus garlic and plus ham. Does anyone else think that garlic + eggs sounds like a weird combo?sweet_potato_leek_frittata__DSC0739Loved this dish because it was so easy to make. I’d chopped all the ingredients up on Sunday so all I had to do was saute the leeks and potatoes, whisk the eggs, and toss it all in the oven. Done in 30 minutes! It was alllmost perfect though I have to say that I think I like quiches (with buttery crusts) better than frittatas.

On the side: simple salad tossed in an herby cilantro dressing. sweet_potato_leek_frittata__DSC0733And sour cream on top! I’ve never tried sour cream on top of eggs but the recipe suggested it. Not a bad idea at all.sweet_potato_leek_frittata_DSC0731Last totally random thought for the day: Anyone have some good drugstore makeup recommendations? I’m tired of wearing cheap blush and bronzer and ready to step up my face game. Maybe I’ll even start wearing lip gloss/lip stick?!

  • Quiche or frittata? Quiche. Because I <3 crusts.
  • Do your running outfits match or are they totally random? Lately I’ve been into monochromatic running attire.
  • Makeup recommendations?! I’ve been wearing Physician’s Formula bronzer since I was like 15 so maybe I should try something else.

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  1. I have recently been introduced to ELF, and everything I’ve tried by them is good, at least for eye makeup. It doesn’t budge, even when running, which is asking a lot of cheap makeup from Target. I would totally try their blush or bronzer, I think they would be great!

  2. My most favorite bronzer is Pixi’s “Subtly Subtouched” – I think only Target sells it. I just bought a new one this weekend after trying a few from Sephora that weren’t great. It’s about $18 but lasts me like a year!