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the friday five

Happiest Friday to you! I hope you guys are liking the “Friday randomness” posts I’ve done over the last few weeks. I think they’re kind of fun.

1. Street furniture! Found this lovely couch and pillow set on 16th street on Tuesday.20160412_070438Also, a full washer/dryer set on Riverside this morning. What a pair!20160415_060909

2. Tortellini! This Cook Smarts dish is one of our favorites so far. Similar recipe here (plus ham, minus pine nuts).asparagus_pea_tortellini_DSC0755With so much cheese there’s no way this recipe could have gone wrong.asparagus_pea_tortellini_DSC07573. Our newest family member! I’ve had my eye on a Dutch oven for months now. Sur la Table had a one-day sale earlier this week and I snatched up this one for $60!sur_la_table_red_dutch_oven_DSC07704. A makeover! I asked about makeup recommendations the other day and went on a rampage at CVS. They have an awesome 100% open return policy for makeup so I figured I’d just try a bunch of foundations/powders and see which one I liked. Just like I did with mascara a few years ago!revlon_new_complexion_makeup_test_DSC0762The foundation winner: Revlon’s new complexion one-step compact makeup. Also loved Revlon’s highlighting blush palette. In fact, Revlon basically dominated this competition which was surprising. Though I am keeping this Maybelline color sensational lip balm. revlon_new_complexion_makeup_test__DSC0764Runners up were Maybelline’s dream matte mouse and Revlon’s age-defying CC cream. Also, who comes up with all of these crazy makeup product names? I’m completely overwhelmed.revlon_new_complexion_makeup_test__DSC07665. Fresh bread, hot out of the oven! We watched the documentary Cooked last night and I was so inspired that I had to bake a loaf overnight. Can’t wait to slice off a piece and slather it in butter as soon as I polish off this post.bread_DSC0777Off to Florida tomorrow! Looking forward to some hot, FLAT runs over the next few days.

  • Tortellini – fresh or dried? We tried both and couldn’t tell a difference.
  • Best sale/coupon you’ve used lately? I love saving $$$.
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?!

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