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Hi! Sorry I missed you yesterday. I’ve been running, biking, swimming, hiking, and paddleboarding here in South Walton, Florida! No time to sit inside and type at a computer.Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.23.42 PM ^^ Remember when I ran a half marathon with a GoPro? This time I ramped it up and took it on water. Part of my job is to capture photos of the area and I take it pretty seriously. 20160417_101816Which means that I’ve been lucky to spend a fair amount of time outdoors over the past few days. I tried to play it safe on the sunburn front by wearing a jacket to protect my shoulders on Sunday — but I made the mistake of pushing my sleeves up just a bit! I hear that forearm tans are fashionable these days. ps I wear my Garmin tan line proudly. 20160417_140508-001Good thing my friends still like me despite my ugly tan lines. Crazy coincidence that Anne happened to be in South Walton, too! Our travel schedules overlapped for a few hours and we squeezed in a quick run at Topsail Hill State Preserve Park, one of my favorite routes.

20160416_113815We covered about 5 miles together. Great to catch up with her after running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler just a few weeks ago. Thanks for the run, Anne!

Another must-see South Walton park, in my opinion: Eden Gardens. Love this peaceful place. 20160416_143005Zen moments going down on this bridge.20160416_145943-001And now to the food! While in Florida, eat all of the fish:20160416_185421And while in the South, eat all of the biscuits & sausage 😉 IMG_7747Would love to chat more but I’m off to explore for one more day! See you from Nashvegas tomorrow.

  • Have you ever visited South Walton?
  • Ever used a GoPro?
  • Worst tan line/sunburn you’ve ever had? (Once I burned my scalp…ouch.)

3 thoughts on “florida adventures

  1. I burned on our honeymoon cruise because I forgot to reapply sunscreen to my legs. I was wearing a skirted swimsuit and we rode bikes and the upper portions of my legs got it bad! We were in the Bahamas so it was intense sun!!!

  2. I’m still waiting on that go pro footage from your half marathon. Been waiting for years now, MBL.