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I’m back home! The East Nashville hills were here to greet me. 20160420_070124And so was Anthony! My flight arrived late last night and we were both half asleep when I got home. So, it was nice to catch up over some miles this morning.20160420_065943Four easy miles in the books. After a day of travel my legs were a bit beat. Also, my ears haven’t un-popped since I got off the plane… is that unusual? I suppose I’ll have to put the world on mute today and I’m okay with that.

Going back in time to my final moments in South Walton: Here’s yesterday’s gorgeous run! I even did about half a mile on the beach — which was beautiful, but so freaking difficult. Does anyone else wimp out when it comes to beach running? I haven’t recovered since we ran on Mexico’s beaches during our honeymoon20160419_061100For this run I drove up to Deer Lake State Park, which connects to the beach. The park is smaller than the other parks in the area (a little less than a full mile of trail space) but it’s one of the prettiest! As you can tell from the foot prints, I was the first one there :)20160419_061545Six miles in the books! I haven’t done anything over five miles in maybe a week, so it felt nice to go long-ish. BTW I have no idea how I ever ran a marathon.20160419_070630Later in the day I got to hike around Grayton Beach State Park. Starting in the sand dunes…IMG_7834And ending up in the forest! Love the diversity of this park. If you’re ever in South Walton this place is a must-see. IMG_7855And of course you have to see Seaside.IMG_7815We were staying just down the street from this hip little neighborhood. A nightly stroll for snow cones was just too sweet to pass up 😉20160418_184953Time to get back in the normal swing of things! Time to throw in a load of sandy laundry and get my life back on track.

  • Running in sand: yay or nay?
  • Do you call them snow cones, shaved ice, or snow balls?
  • Any tips for overcoming weird airplane-pressurized ears?

One thought on “back home / back in time

  1. The colors in the pictures are so gorgeous!! I haven’t tried running in the sand because I feel like walking in it is difficult enough. I’d try either chewing gum or opening your mouth really wide a bunch of times to try and get your ears to pop–good luck!