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5 things friday

Hi there. It’s FRIDAY and I have five things to share!

1. This morning’s run.20160422_055407When did it get so humid outside? I felt like I was swimming, not running. I was drenched in sweat/dew/fog ten minutes into the run and had to stop and walk a few times.20160422_062120But eventually I finished. Not the best run of my life… but it’s the bad runs that make the good runs feel that much better, right?20160422_0641172. Curry! Put coconut milk and potatoes in any dish and I will love it. Also, how can you not have a happy meal when you have big yellow sunflowers staring at you.chicken_curry_DSC0119This dish was plenty spicy but we added harissa for extra kick! So happy I discovered this gem of a condiment.chicken_curry_DSC01253. Mussels! Anthony was in charge of the menu this week since I was gone Saturday – Tuesday. He picked the most ambitious dish on the Cook Smarts lineup for the week: mussels in a garlic white wine sauce.20160420_193843We were stoked to try it out. And after our first bites… we realized we’d overcooked the mussels by a lot. Although we rarely throw out food (I think the last time we did was the burned cheese soup of 2013!), these guys were too tough to handle. 20160420_194038However, not all was lost! Subtract mussels, add olive oil and cheese. Dinner was saved.20160420_195239And really, I can’t complain about our mussels misadventure…

4. Because this morning I read this story in the Wall Street Journal: 20160422_052007Tsepo Mathibelle from Lesotho could only afford to eat corn porridge while training for marathons — until Samsung swept in, gave him lots of cash, and put him in a documentary. According to WSJ, Mathibelle can now afford to buy meat and finally has a GPS watch. And he’s getting a lot faster, obviously. Wow.

5. Speaking of feel-good stories, I’m happy to report Jess, the founder of Cook Smarts, won $1,000! I nominated her for the award :)

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.17.36 PM

Cal-EZ reached out to me about their “unbreakable awards” and Jess immediately came to mind. I’ve never met Jess in person, but I *feel* like we’re BFFs who cook together every night! Jess’s personal health story and business mission are so inspiring. Congrats, Jess!

Tell me your best feel-good story of late!

3 thoughts on “5 things friday

  1. I loved that you nominated her! She is definitely inspiring! My best feel-good story? I started running again!! I hired a nutrition dude to help me address my Crohn’s after fighting with crazy doctors, I’m DONE. Can’t even tell you how amazing I feel!! I’ve gotten 2 runs under my belt this year! Legs are tight, but I’m feel great! Yay running! Yay endorphins, I missed you!

  2. I taught track while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho to a bunch of corn porridge eating, shoeless high schoolers. So. Much. Fun. Thanks for sharing a story combining my two of my favorite things: Lesotho + running!

    I also love that you nominated Jess. I was able to meet her at an event in DC a few weeks ago and she is completely deserving!

    • jealous! i wish i still lived in dc so that i could of met her. and tell those lesotho kids to reach out to samsung!