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After three weekends in a row of travel, it felt good to be back in Nashville for this past one! Starting with a run along my usual route.20160423_072944Not a cloud in the sky.20160423_074724Despite the beautiful weather it took me a good four miles to get into my groove on this run. I was dragggggging for the first few. Maybe I’m still catching up from the travel over the past few weeks? I even took TWO naps this weekend!20160423_074737I had a goal to finish all ten miles in under 1:20. Made it by one second!!!20160423_083348On Saturday night Anthony and I piled up the grill with everything from our fridge.peruvian_chicken_DSC0135The star of the show: Cook’s Illustrated Peruvian chicken, which we make on the grill instead of in the oven. Tip: I make 2x the marinade at once, divide it in half, and keep one batch on hand in the freezer! Saves me one less food processor session.peruvian_chicken_DSC0138Zucchini, corn, and sweet potatoes on the side. All in a purplish hue because my camera was on a wonky setting and I was too hungry to care…peruvian_chicken_DSC0139Dessert was coffee and music at Ugly Mugs! We went to see our friend’s band. This song is worth listening to for all of my 9-to-5ers. 20160423_203259Sunday was chores/errands day with a break for lunch at The Birdhouse! Even on a hot day, I can still eat (Korean) hot chicken.the_birdhouse_korean_hot_chicken_20160424_113054I also met up with Katie for a run! This was her first post-Boston jog and she gave me a mile-by-mile race recap. So proud of her!20160424_073451Anyone else feel like they’re running in a bowl of potpourri lately? Loving the honeysuckle smells, not loving that I’m sneezing every five minutes.20160424_073924I feel like you guys haven’t seen Anthony in a while, so here he is! Yes, I’m at the airfield again. Perfect place for a Sunday afternoon stroll. 20160424_155435Last big news item from a very low-key weekend: I tackled the mitered corner. Taking my sewing skills to the next level!20160424_164456Catch you tomorrow!

  • Sewing peeps: What’s your favorite corner strategy?
  • Hot chicken: Yay or nay?
  • How many miles/minutes does it take you to find your running groove?

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  1. I haven’t tried hot chicken-I’m not much into spicy stuff. It usually takes me about 2 miles to get into a run!