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Where has this week gone?! It’s Thursday for you but feels like a Friday for me :). I’m off to California tonight to go see my fabulous friend Meredith! And meet up with Anthony. He’s been out West all week, which means our dinner table looked like this:quiche_DSC0167For some reason quiche has become my single girl meal. I like to drown my sorrows in bacon.quiche_DSC0169But really. This time I tried a new crust recipe that calls for LARD. Well, actually, it calls for shortening but if you scroll through the comments (which I always do — best part of any recipe IMO), you’ll see that a reader named “grandma tomato” asks about using lard.gmatomatoGrandma tomato and I are on the same page. I thought this crust was pretty good! I still haven’t perfected my dough-rolling and presentation skills yet. Next time I’m going to go for the pretty pinched edges.quiche_DSC0163Other eats this week: farro + roasted veggie salad, which I adapted from an orzo salad recipe from Cook Smarts. I figured if farro and orzo sound so similar, they must taste pretty similar?farro_salad_DSC0174Loved this simple dish! It’s basically just roasted cauliflower and tomatoes on top of pasta and spinach. Jazzed up with feta, sundried tomatoes, and a creamy cilantro dressing. farro_salad_DSC0173You can eat this salad cold or warm– and given the hot, humid weather lately I’ve been going for cold! I decided to change things up and run downtown yesterday. downtown_nashvilleAnthony and I never really do the whole Broadway Street/honky tonk thing at night, but I party there all the time on weekday mornings when the bars are closed and empty.20160427_062755Pretty pedestrian bridge.20160427_062555Seven miles in the books! I don’t know why my arm is so orange in this photo. Maybe I’m turning into a pumpkin.20160427_065728And that’s a wrap! Time to pack my bags and get ready for a long flight later today. I may post late / not post at all tomorrow while I reorient myself in a new time zone :)

  • Locals: Best honky tonk in town?
  • Where would you rather run: Downtown/city or in a park?
  • Have you ever used lard? Are you curious about it? Or do you think it’s gross?

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  1. Lard is the bomb. Seriously. I love it. I use it to grease up my cast iron pans after I clean them. It makes the BEST pie crusts. There’s a reason they used it way back when, and why it has never gone away!