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san fran part 2

Continuing on with our San Fran story from yesterday! If you’re reading this post over breakfast, try a bite of this:20160501_092146I read about the toast cup at Beanstalk Cafe and thought I had to give it a shot. Why do things taste better in cup form?

Other exotic eats of the weekend included my first rice ball:_DSC0177This tasty Vietnamese pork sandwich:_DSC0180And a Burmese salad!! The secret to this dish is laphet, aka fermented tea leaves. I’m now obsessed with Burmese cuisine and immediately watched Parts Unknown Myanmar when I arrived back home. Also looking into attempting this recipe over the weekend. 20160501_134259The Burmese restaurant we went to was recommended by Meredith! So good to visit her and my friend Mira, who both live in the area.IMG953205The three of us spent all day Sunday together and walked about seven miles around Lands End and back into the city. It was a perfect day to be outside — which Meredith and I deserved after having terrible weather when she visited Nashville in 2015 and I visited her in NYC in 2014. Some seriously gorgeous views along the water:20160501_12235120160501_120656And a few more hills and steps for good measure :)20160501_122009It’s been almost ten years since I was college roomies with these ladies. Shared dorm rooms have a way of creating lifelong bonds I guess. So good to catch up with them!20160501_120752Other weekend highlights: A trip to prison! Anthony was all about visiting Alcatraz and I loved it too. #cellfie20160430_125122Life in Alcatraz sounded pretty awful but the views from behind the bars would have been awesome. _DSC0205Alcatraz is classified as a national park, and they’ve done a great job maintaining the grounds. So many beautiful flowers and birds around!_DSC0195-001The inside of the prison is pretty cool to see, too. _DSC0193Do you think these shirts from 1930 are sweat-wicking?_DSC0198Dave joined for our Alcatraz trip, too! And I wore my striped dress to look more like a prisoner. 20160430_131234After Alcatraz we were hungry and I was a little seasick from the boat ride! We refueled and re-grounded at a little Greek cafe nearby. _DSC0209After a quick power nap we were back on our feet and ready for some indoor putt-putt!
Anthony and I discovered Urban Putt on Yelp and thought it’d be a perfect place for our party of seven. Who knew we had so many friends in California?! _DSC0214Including our friends’ little one who is well on his way to a pro golf career. _DSC0223_DSC0225I’d highly recommend Urban Putt to anyone looking for an active night out! We ended up sticking around for drinks at the venue’s bar and grabbed dinner at a great little restaurant called 20 Spot later in the evening. And by later I mean like 9:30 pm — well past my usual bedtime :)

Let’s wrap this post up with one more run! Anthony and I squeezed in an eight-mile outing one morning in Chrissy Park. 20160430_082819The views were awesome!  20160430_084221I asked a guy to take our photo together by the bridge but apparently he does not know how to work a non-iPhone and thought he took a picture when he really didn’t. Here’s one of us in normal clothes from Friday though :)20160429_185431_001Not only was the park beautiful, but the roads to get to the park were full of fabulous sights, too! No better way to end this post than with a mini series of San Francisco street furniture.
20160430_08072920160429_074015You were good to me, San Francisco! With so much travel and adventure packed into 3.5 days, that dirty street mattress doesn’t look too shabby to my exhausted but very happy self.

  • Anyone know any tips on fermenting tea leaves?
  • When you travel, do you pack your schedule full or leave lots of time for relaxing?
  • Favorite national park?!

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  1. Beautiful beautiful ladies. How did everyone end up so far from Baltimore? Come back, please and thank you.