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new socks + cinco de mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Why not start with a Mexican-style meal.mexican_loaded_sweet_potato_DSC0238This is a loaded baked (sweet) potato with a spicy kick! Black beans, shredded slow-cooked chicken, salsa, hot sauce, cheese, sour cream, and cilantro. AKA so many toppings that the sweet potato is completely buried. The only thing missing is avocado — I rushed into the store straight from the airport on Sunday and forgot it in my post-travel daze!mexican_loaded_sweet_potato_DSC0244Anthony is still on the west coast but is coming home tonight! So no more empty dinner table photos for a after today :)mexican_loaded_sweet_potato_DSC0239I might have had some solo meals lately but I’ve been buddying up for my morning runs. Yesterday I joined East Nasty and met a new running friend and blog reader along the way. Hi Steve!20160504_061811Good mid-week run! We kept a speedy pace and soaked up the cool temps. Yes, those are long sleeves. It’s been in the low 50s this week!20160504_065303I was planning on taking today off but then Katie asked me to meet up for some miles. I haven’t seen her in over a week so I couldn’t say no! 20160505_054817I also received a new pair of socks from Swiftwick yesterday and was eager to try them out :)20160505_062742These are the Aspire Zero socks, which have just a little bit more material to them then my usual go-to sock, the Vibe Zeros. And this tropical beach color is too cute! Perfect for spring. I don’t think it’s available to order online yet, but keep your eye out for it soon. 20160505_063042Hope you’re getting weather as pretty as Nashville’s wherever you are!20160505_064147And hope your Cinco de Mayo is full of margaritas.

  • What’s your favorite sock style? Low rise? Mid-calf? Plush? Thin?
  • Has it been weirdly cold in your town this week?
  • Favorite taco topping?

3 thoughts on “new socks + cinco de mayo

  1. I like the aspire zero……..swiftwick socks are my favorite! It has been cold the past few days and today…….but sunday’s high says 90! And I love sour cream and avocado on any mexican food.

  2. I love my PureConnect running shoes and just found out they’re being discontinued! Despite having moved on to version 4, I still can’t bring myself to throw out my bright yellow PureConnect 3s.

    Curious if you’ve heard recommendations for shoes that are similar. I tried the PureFlow model but I didn’t like the arch support.

    RIP PureConnect. :(

    • oh girl. i know. i’m on my SEVENTH pair of pureconnects and believe that there is no other shoe in the world that will ever replace them!!! however. i recently ran in mizuno wave hitogamis and enjoyed them. a little more minimalist than the pureconnects with a more narrow fit (which i actually prefer): http://amzn.to/1ZlN83V