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5 things friday

Morning! It’s Friday and I have five things to share:

1. Breaking news. Spotted this in today’s Wall Street Journal. Apparently running is not cool anymore. It makes me a little sad that running has been replaced with CrossFit and barre, but I don’t really care cause I’m just going to keep jogging my heart out for the rest of my life with all the other unpopular runners. In fact, maybe I actually want the running craze to decline! That way race registration fees might go down :)_DSC0285

2. The fantastic flexibility of Mexican food. I love Mexican food because you can eat it in a million different ways. Just dump taco seasoning on any sort of meat/beans/veggies, pile on some cheese, and you’re good to go. I was too short on time to cook a potato for 50+ minutes in the oven last night so I put my taco mess on top of a salad. Other ways I like to eat Mexican meat/beans/veggie mashups: On top of rice, on top of quinoa, inside tortillas, or on top of chips! Also fried eggs or plantains. Anything goes.taco_salad__DSC0283

3. Everything bagels. Speaking of anything goes, what are your feelings toward everything bagels? We had some in San Fran and I loved all the different seeds and spices. I’ve made hundreds of loaves of bread but never attempted a bagel… perhaps this should be my next project?!20160430_070813

4. Shoe finder results! Reader Amanda commented about the death of the Brooks PureConnects yesterday. I’ve been depressed about this tragedy ever since I found out about the discontinuation last month. old_brooks_pureconnects_women_DSC0535I still have four months or so left in my current (seventh!) pair of PureConnects, but I’m already preparing myself to say goodbye and embrace a new shoe in my life when the time comes. Have you guys tried the Runner’s World Shoe Advisor? I took the quiz and ended up with these recommendations. Always been curious about the Skechers shoes so maybe it’s time to give them a try. Also, Zoot? What the heck is that? I feel like I’m being forced into some weird new dating scene after being in a serious long-term relationship (with Brooks) for the past five years.shoes

I also took Brooks’ shoe finder quiz and they recommended the PureFlow, the closest living relative of the PureConnect. Will running in the PureFlow just haunt me with memories of the PureConnect, though? Hmmmm….

5. Barr Co. candles. I don’t know if I’ve written about Barr Co. candles before, but they’re officially my favorite. I used to be a diehard Voluspa candle fan, but I think Barr Co. is even better! At $30 these candles aren’t cheap — but they smell incredible and last forever. Anthony and I are burning the honeysuckle one at present but the original scent is our favorite. Last-minute Mother’s Day gift, maybe?barr_co_candle_DSC0286Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Running boom: Still going, or is it over?
  • Now that I’ve given you a candle recommendation – any good bar soap recommendations? I’m bored with my soap. #hardlife
  • Everything bagels? Awesome, or overpowering?!

6 thoughts on “5 things friday

  1. When my power went out last week, I used the candle you gave me to get around the house. I freakin felt like Indiana Jones not know what’s around the corner. :) The running boom might be over. In an office of 300, I can’t seem to find others that share the love of putting one foot in front of the other.

  2. I’m a race director and we’ve seen a dip in our numbers over the past few years and I’m hearing similar stats from my colleagues in the industry. The article is interesting and it could spark more creative ideas to get younger adults involved in running. I’m interested to see what happens over the next few years!

  3. Honestly, I’m glad the boom may be over. I’m not a huge fan of the color/water/bubble/glow stick runs. The cranky old person in me says why can’t we just run down a street as fast as we can? On that note, get off my lawn.

    Side note on bagels- fun to make, but finding barley malt syrup to make good ones is a pain. Order now to avoid frustration.

  4. I’m also kind of glad the running boom might be over, here’s hoping that race registrations might go down!