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It’s Monday so let’s start with CAKE!cake_DSC0304As you know I very rarely make the same recipe more than once because I’m crazy and need the constant challenge of new recipes all the time. However, I’ve made THIS CAKE three times in the past few months because like its name suggests, it’s perfect. _DSC0318Thanks to recipe creator/blogger/cake master Mel for testing 16+ yellow cake recipes to come up with the perfect ratio of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. If you’re bored at work today I recommend reading her full post about this recipe’s backstory!cake_DSC0316I delivered my cake to my mom at my family’s Sunday dinner! Happy mother’s day to my fabulous momma and all the other mothers out there. PS I know I need to work on my frosting skills. Those edges look pretty choppy but they tasted good I promise.cake_DSC0305Other eats of the weekend: bacon!20160507_111331Anthony and I were down in my parents’ side of town to watch my niece’s soccer game on Saturday and swung by their place for brunch. We were starving because we’d just wrapped up a country road run!20160507_084909It was a hot, sunny morning and I wasn’t ready for the heat. Luckily our team mascot encouraged us to keep moo-ving.20160507_084651Anthony and I took it easy and just jogged along to enjoy the views. Six-point-five for Saturday!20160507_090215And on Sunday we decided to get back out there. This time we stuck to the East Nashville streets though. 20160508_094258I didn’t spot any street furniture on our run, but I did find some on our evening walk…20160507_183930This lovely shelf can be found on Porter Road. While you’re in the area, stop by Southern Grist for one of their beers.20160507_175427And that’s a wrap. Cheers to a good week ahead!

  • Do you make the same recipes over and over, or always try new ones?
  • Last time you spotted a farm animal on the run?
  • Highlight of your weekend?!

2 thoughts on “weekend snapshots

  1. I love trying new recipes, but I stick to ones that work. And I spotted a lot of very large cows on a trail run once! They were very cute. Highlight of my weekend was a lovely 8-miler in the rain, and then relaxing with a good book.