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humid run, spiced salmon

Morning! I just went for a run/swim in the humid, swampy Nashville streets. It’s officially cold shower season.20160511_063855Met up with East Nasty again this week! I kind of fell off the group run train for a while but am liking being back with the clan. Does anyone else go through phases of running solo vs. running with people? I tend to switch back and forth every few months.

Today I was especially excited to run with the club because the route was one of my favorites — Little Hollywood! Little Hollywood is like a mini neighborhood in East Nashville where all of the houses have this neat Spanish-style look. Sorry to whoever lives in this house and saw some weird sweaty girl taking a photo of your home this morning.20160511_061422Lovely deconstructed sofa chair on 20th street by the way. I almost missed it because its earthy brown tones blend right in with the overgrown shrubbery beside it.20160511_061622And that’s it on the running front! I might squeeze in another jog tomorrow and then am looking forward to a run in DC this weekend. We’re leaving on Friday and spending the weekend there for a friend’s wedding. I have two days to figure out what to wear!

Until then, Anthony and I are keeping things low-key at home. Here’s one of the tastiest meals on our menu this week:dukkah_salmon_DSC0296Have you ever heard of dukkah? It’s an Egpytian nut/spice blend that the geniuses at Cook Smarts featured in the meal plan for the week. It sounded so exotic and involved my favorite appliance — the food processor — so I knew I had to give it a (literal) whirl! dukkah_salmon_DSC0300I mixed cashews, coriander, cumin, sesame, thyme, and fennel together and then rolled some salmon around in the mix. Baked for 15 minutes and then dinner was done!dukkah_salmon_DSC0298The salmon was good, but I think my favorite part of this meal was the salad. Before you eat your next chickpea, try toasting it in a skillet first. You’re welcome!dukkah_salmon_DSC0302Stay cool out there!

  • Group vs. solo running: Do you go through phases?
  • Ever tried dukkah?
  • Best thing you ate all week?

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