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This week has been all about running with friends! Today my friend Joah is visiting Nashville for 16 hours as part of a super crazy road trip for his company, Localeur. He asked about the best places to run in Nashville and naturally Shelby Park was on the list. Even on an overcast morning like today’s, it’s still the best-looking trail in town!20160512_061922Anthony, Joah, and I covered five miles in the park and chatted away. Social runs are the best — the miles fly by!20160512_064003Five miles and a meet-up with a friend all before 7 am? Successful morning. Good thing I had some company waiting for me this a.m. or else I would have totally overslept. Thanks for the miles, Joah!20160512_064008-001Other fun get-togethers of the week: A Nashville Food Bloggers reunion!the_hook_nashville_20160511_184301We headed to The Hook to hang out on this new restaurant’s patio. So much good food!the_hook_nashville_20160511_182013the_hook_nashville_20160511_180946And great company, too. I wouldn’t really call myself a “food blogger” (um, have you seen the super profesh photos and detailed recipes of Brita and Phillip?) but am happy to latch onto the group :) I also met Leslie of Bessie Bakes, whose expertise in yeast, lard, and flour fascinated me. Always fun to chat with other internet weirdos and not feel awkward at all photographing your food.

I’d love to come back to The Hook for lunch or dinner — the vibe is very casual and fun!the_hook_nashville_20160511_180124It’s been a busy couple of days! Time to go do the work thing and catch up on life again once I get home. I think an early bedtime is in my future.

  • Nashvillians: Have you been to The Hook? Thoughts?
  • Longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
  • Other blogs you love reading?

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