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5 things friday

Hey and happy Friday! As usual I have a roundup of things I forgot to share during the week because they’re so completely random that I couldn’t fit them into any sort of normal post. Brace yourself for this:

1. I tried a POUND fitness class. The other day I overslept and missed my morning boot camp class, so I randomly signed up for an evening fitness class called “POUND.” It sounded tough so I thought I’d give it a try! I showed up to class and then did squats while tapping plastic drumsticks over my head and on the floor for an hour. It was awkward. And no, we did not look as cool as these people: pound_fitness

2.Why Running is Saving Your Life and Carbs are Not Evil: It’s no secret that I love carbs so of course the headline of this post appealed to me :) I just read the summary of this podcast and can’t wait to listen to it! Love the Runner’s Connect podcasts. homemade_rosemary_olive_oil_bread__DSC0118

3. Homemade yogurt! I’ll have to do a full write-up on this one soon. This week I’ve been playing with making homemade Greek yogurt in an attempt to bring down our Fage and Noosa budget by $40 a month 😉 . My first batch turned out pretty well!

4. My pro bowling career! Went bowling with some coworkers the other night and managed to eek out a spare after a series of gutter balls. I literally jumped for joy after. Caught on video!

5. Whole chickens! Lately I’ve been really into cooking whole chickens. The trick is to cut up the bird into six parts beforehand (and save the backbone to make stock!)roast_chicken_DSC0310This week I made a chicken with pancetta, thyme, and lemon per a Cook Smarts recipe. Yum!_DSC0342Also attempted cauliflower rice! It’s a bit messy but kind of fun._DSC0345How’s that for a random lineup of stuff? :) Tell me something from your week!

4 thoughts on “5 things friday

  1. I listened to that podcast last week and it was really good! Nice to have an expert say carbs aren’t bad. This week’s podcast is pretty good too–the guest is an INSANE ultrarunner who raced like 900 km (560 miles) in a recent year.

  2. I have to tell you that I read this post on my phone, so when you mentioned POUND (which, by the way, I’ve never even heard of!), I read your description before seeing the picture. For reasons I can’t even explain, I thought by ‘drumstick,’ you meant a chicken drumstick. That’s probably why I re-read the paragraph a solid 3x. Happy Friday!