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nashville run + spanish sauce

We’re back in Nashville!
For some reason I like running downtown right before or after I take a trip. It’s like I need to wave hello and goodbye to the city.20160516_062643Yesterday was chilly (um, 50 degrees – what?) and overcast but I didn’t mind so much. This was my first solo run in almost a week — even though I’ve been jogging a lot lately, I’ve been with a buddy for every run. Kind of nice to just zone out for an hour and go at whatever pace felt right.20160516_062632Speaking of which, in my post-run daze I just snapped a picture of my finish time without my pace. I don’t know what 55 minutes and 26.9 seconds divided by 7 miles is and am too lazy to calculate it… BUT, pro tip, I think that Cool Runnings pace calculator is the best running calculator out there if you ever want to “run” some numbers. I like to use it right before race day and freak myself out when I realize how fast I have to run to meet a goal time. It’s so simple! 20160516_065741^^ Yes, those are ankle-length leggings you see! Can’t believe I wore those in May. What odd weather yesterday. Today is chilly, too!

Which means that warm comfort foods are on the menu. This week we tried Cook Smarts’ shrimp romesco pasta:shrimp_romesco_DSC0400Apparently romesco sauce originated in Tarragona, Spain — where I lived as a nanny for a summer back in 2009! I slept in a closet with a bed slightly wider than a phone charger (pictured):
and drank sangria every day in an effort to stay sane after chasing four kids under age 10 all day. Good times.
Anyways, when I was in Tarragona I actually ate a lot of Filipino food and chicken fingers because the family I was living with had a Filipino cook and very picky eaters.

BUT I did eat romesco sauce a few times and loved it! So I was pumped to try and make my own at home. The lineup: tomatoes, red peppers, lots of garlic, almonds, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes. Roast it all and blend it up. Here’s a similar recipe from Serious Eats which includes smoked paprika — yum!

We paired our sauce with shrimp, baby tomatoes, and pasta. Plus some zucchini for some green power. Not the most photogenic meal I’ve ever made but it was darn tasty.shrimp_romesco_DSC0402Leftovers for lunch! Is it 12 o’clock yet?

  • Do you have any pre- or post-travel rituals?
  • Ever tried a romesco recipe? What’s your favorite?
  • Ever lived abroad?

2 thoughts on “nashville run + spanish sauce

  1. I don’t have any running related rituals, but I have to leave the house clean and beds made when I travel. I love to come home to a clean house and a made bed. Plus if something were to happen to me while I’m traveling, I don’t want people coming into a messy house! Which I recognize is probably kinda weird and morbid!

    • ohhh, us too! for some reason i also have to unload the dishwasher and do the laundry before i leave too :)