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how do you meal plan?

Hello! It’s a pretty blah day and I was thisclose to oversleeping. But these days I just automatically wake up at 5 a.m. regardless if I want to or not. So since I was up I figured I might as well go for a run :)20160518_065940It started to drizzle a bit out there so I had to resort to an old trick: stealing someone’s plastic newspaper bag to protect my phone! Sorry to whoever’s morning news was soggy!20160518_063349And even more sorry for these curly fries, which were abandoned by a cruel, heartless person on the side of Riverside Drive. #streetfood20160518_064720My whole body was a little sore from yesterday’s boot camp class at the Y (locals, you have to try this class! it will crush you!) but once I finished the second mile I loosened up and found my groove.20160518_070121This picture is 5% proof that I went for a run and 95% me showing off my nails. What do you think of the color? Too bright?!20160518_071948In other must-know news, here are some thoughts on sesame chicken and meal planning…sesame_chicken_cauliflower_rice_DSC0409After coming back from a weekend away, Cook Smarts saved us on the meal-planning front this week. I grabbed my phone and chose our meals for the week when our plane landed in Nashville, loaded my grocery list on the way to the car, and then bought just what we needed when we swung by the store on our way back from the airport! And just as a reminder, I’m not sponsored by Cook Smarts or anything, just totally obsessed in my own weird way.cook-smarts-menu

On Sunday night we didn’t have a lot of time to unpack and prep for the week, but I was able to chop some fruits and veggies in advance.

I usually make four full meals a week for Anthony and myself (assuming we have no weeknight dinners out planned) which gets us through lunches and dinners Sunday – Friday. By Thursday or Friday I sometimes have to make a hodgepodge meal of sorts with leftovers and pantry staples — slow-cooker black beans and sauteed peppers over some form of carb is one of my go-to “it’s the end of the week and we have no food” meals.black_bean_quinoa_bowl_DSC0265I love having an empty fridge on Saturday morning — that means that I feel good knowing that no food has gone to waste and that I get to dance down the aisles of Publix with a fresh new menu for the week.20141214_102112How do you meal plan? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing how different people manage to feed their families, especially those of you with kids! That adds a whole new level of complexity that I can’t imagine tackling!

Anyways, back to this sesame chicken. I’d marinated the meat yesterday morning and chopped the bok choy and snow peas on Sunday night. All I had to do when I started cooking dinner at 7:15 last night was pulse my cauliflower to make “rice” and then cook everything up. sesame_chicken_cauliflower_rice_DSC0407We sat down with our dinners, La Croixs, mini dinosaurs, and oversized sriracha bottle around 7:45. sesame_chicken_cauliflower_rice_DSC0406And had just enough time to watch an episode of Superstore before going to bed! One of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while, in case you’re looking for something new!

  • Ever stolen something while on the run?!
  • What time do you naturally wake up?
  • How do you meal plan? (Or do you not meal plan at all?)

12 thoughts on “how do you meal plan?

  1. I have a nutritionist that tells me exactly what to eat. I love it! I’m working on healing my Crohn’s. I love it when you post your meals! Your pictures always turn out so pretty!

    I’m usually up at 6. I’ve started morning running, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen until after work! Need to teach my body to wake up at 5 or so!

    • wow, she tells you every single thing to eat? i don’t know if i’d love that or hate that. glad it’s working for you! hope you’re on the path to healing!!

  2. I got my favorite water bottle that was left after a soccer game at my local track. I thoroughly sanitized of course, but it was practically new and so sad looking all alone and forgotten!

  3. I usually wake up around 6-6:30 AM, but I’m pretty used to waking up at 5 AM too.

    I kind of meal plan in that I make one big dish of something to eat off of for the week as lunch or dinner, and then get my breakfast at work.

  4. Hi Mary,
    You may not remember me but we studied in Madrid together several moons ago, back in 09. I have to say, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and you are such an awesome and funny writer. Your blog posts make for a very inspiring and entertaining start to the day! Keep on running and cooking and best wishes :)

  5. You seem really nice, and I enjoy your blog, but I’m a little disappointed about your newspaper bag theft. My dad LOVES his daily paper–reads it cover-to-cover. He doesn’t want to do the on-line thing. He would have to go out and buy another if his got ruined. Plus, my parents use the coupons. Maybe you could put your phone in a zip-lock? That works well for me. Sorry if I sound preachy! I’m gonna keep reading–promise😉

    • i usually do put mine in a ziploc! but didn’t think it would rain on me yesterday. ah, and also, i took the sleeve of the free daily city paper (that’s given to everyone in nashville – not an actual subscription) so hopefully the person i stole from won’t mind too much! good point, though. i’ll try to be more mindful in the future!