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five things friday

Friday! I have the usual five random things to share:

1. Street furniture! Found this fabulous chair on Benjamin Street yesterday. Fit for a queen.20160519_062755

2. Nashville Craft is opening! Just read about this cool distillery/spirit maker that is in the Wedgewood/Houston area. nashville_craft

3. Congrats to Tracy and Jen, who just ran an ultra marathon with a bunch of other Nashville-area folks! I can’t imagine running one step farther than 26.2 miles. Incredible!   13267797_10209777710221714_1134991349791706487_n

4. Speaking of ultra runners, did I tell you that Anthony and I watched a documentary called The Barkley Marathons the other week? It’s about this CRAZY man who lives up in the Tennessee mountains and organizes a 100+ mile race every year that 90% of contestants don’t complete. Even if you’re not a runner, the documentary is fascinating. And funny!barkley_marathons

5. Bean soup! It’s what’s on our menu lately. tex_mex_bean_soup_DSC0416I had low hopes for this one but was really impressed with the results. It’s like a Mexican chili minus the meat but still really flavorful. I used dried beans and made mine in the slow cooker for extra ease! Similar recipe here (minus black beans, plus coriander and carrots)tex_mex_bean_soup_DSC0412Off to enjoy the weekend. The forecast is calling for rain but I won’t let that stop me!

  • Have you ever ran an ultra? Would you ever? (Probably not)
  • Favorite liquor/spirit? (Whiskey and amaretto would be at the top of my list I think)
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend? (Finishing House of Cards!)

7 thoughts on “five things friday

    • Good to see you on here – and see what you’ve been up to! Have missed your blog updates the last 6 months…

  1. You know what’s insane? One of my co-working space office buddies has done the Barkley Marathon twice now (but hasn’t finished it yet, although he’s super close). This year he made it to lap 5 (the final lap) before losing his mind and deciding to take a nap face down about 200 feet from the starting line. His recap is pretty hilarious – he wrote one for their website – and it was crazy to hear about his experience first hand too. I need to watch the documentary now clearly!

    • i saw that you watched the documentary! isn’t it insane?!! and your coworker is hilarious. that’s a bummer that he lost his mind right before finishing lap five, haha

  2. I watched The Barkely Marathon documentary also – so crazy!! It made me want to do it but also not because it looked so terrible haha.

  3. Nashville is looking better & better as a possible later-in-the-year vacation spot… you tempt me with the running paths, and my husband with the beer & liquor. 😉