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weekend snapshots

What a weekend! After a few weekends away and with Anthony’s parents coming all the way from Australia (!!) this Thursday to stay with us, we spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday tackling our to-do list. We almost made it through all 16 items!20160523_063447He handled most of the yard/house stuff while I focused on the food. After an epic Costco trip, our kitchen was a disaster zone for a good six hours on Sunday:
Go big or go home! I made a bunch of stuff so that I don’t have to stir, bake, chop, slice, or wash anything for the rest of the week :)

I made a handful of old favorites, like these award-winning chocolate chip cookies:cookies_DSC0492and a big loaf of whole wheat bread with fun mix-ins: flax, millet, and sesame seeds!homemade_seed_bread__DSC0500Plus I invented a NEW recipe for healthier, baked hot chicken. Details on that one soon!baked_hot_chicken_healthy_DSC0487In between all of the kitchen, laundry, and cleaning madness we did make it out for some fun. Thanks to Lizzie, Hannah, and Tracee for all hosting us for snacks, drinks, and dinners this weekend :)20160522_19062520160522_201221(using toddler spoons makes eating ice cream even more exciting)20160522_212254On Saturday we had a solo night in. Pizza was in order.20160521_195632pizza_DSC0428Paired with the final episode of House of Cards! Did anyone else watch season 3? The ending was so… dark and scary. I had to shake out all of my fears with a run:20160521_083957(0)The weather was weird this weekend — rainy, sunny, hot, and cold all at the same time. 20160521_082133Anthony and I covered three miles together in Shelby Park and then I tacked on six more solo.20160521_091017Plus a few laps in a pair of new shoes made of carbon fiber?! Ampla Sport asked if I would give these a try and I was too curious not to. I was actually pretty impressed with them!20160521_091401(0)What were you up to this weekend?