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soggy run + slow cooker meals

Good morning! It is freaking humid outside and I feel like I just went swimming. Luckily I was awake extra early so I was asleep for most of this run (as you can tell by my crazy eyes). But everything was worth it because I got to run with Lizzie! 20160525_054810We met up for a couple of miles and then I continued on. After living and running in East Nashville for two whole years now I’ll give you and update on inclines: This hill doesn’t get any easier.20160525_060413I made a quick stop at the airfield to do a mini lap. 20160525_060815The hills and humidity were slowing me down today, as well as the fact that I went to bed past 10 pm (!!!!!) because we were watching Silicon Valley. Season 2 is hilarious — any other fans out there? I think one of you readers originally recommended this show to me a while back. Thank you!20160525_063347Paired with our TV show: Burrito bowls!carnitas_bowls_DSC0527Over the weekend I splurged on my favorite Costco treasure: A huge slab of Boston butt. I bought a 13-pounder on Saturday and cut it up into 3-4 pound portions to keep in my freezer. So yes, right now I have a freezer full of butt.

Butt jokes aside (although I could happily go on), slow-cooked pork shoulder carnitas-style is one of our all-time favorites. After it’s nice and tender from cooking for 10+ hours, I crisp it up in a pan and then serve it over rice with all of the typical Mexican toppings. Plus some sauteed bell peppers for veggie power.carnitas_bowls_DSC0526The other slow cooker treasure this week: Thai curry soup! Or stew. I don’t know, it was somewhere in between.tofu_curry_DSC0517This was a Cook Smarts recipe that I adapted for the slow cooker. In the mix: a bunch of veggies, coconut milk, stock, red curry paste, and spices. Served over rice and topped with pan-fried tofu.tofu_curry_DSC0514One of my favorite kitchen tricks: I try to overlap Asian and Mexican meals in the same week because they both typically include rice, lime, and cilantro! That way my garnishes don’t go to waste, and I can cook one whopping batch of rice to reuse throughout the week :)tofu_curry_DSC0516Yet another day of life-changing discussion here on the blog. Hope you liked reading.

  • Locals: Have you been running today? Did you drown in the humidity?
  • Is there one hill that you run regularly in your neighborhood? Has it gotten easier or harder?
  • Favorite trick for kitchen efficiency?

3 thoughts on “soggy run + slow cooker meals

  1. My nemesis of a neighborhood hill never gets easier! I’m sure there’s something mental there in terms of never being able to forget the first times I ran it, and I should be able to overcome that or something. Or maybe it’s just a really steep annoying hill that’s hard and it’s always going to be hard! And yes, Nashville is a swamp this morning!

  2. I really hate the friggin’ ginormous hill on campus. No matter how many times I run it, it’s always a slog. There’s also another hill near my house that locals refer to as The Monster, and I have to say that it’s pretty accurate!

    Favorite trick for kitchen efficiency: always freeze whatever fruits/veggies that are about to go bad so that I can pull them out for that really tired night after work.

  3. I love butt jokes! The hubby and me act like 5th graders all the time-hee hee!
    The heat and humidity is slowing me down big time, and then makes me feel worn out, too! 90+ degrees all week came suddenly! I run a hill at the end of my run, so it always seems harder than it really is!