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5 things friday

Hello and happy Friday! This post involves cake AND ice cream so let’s get started. But first…

1. a run!20160526_064035Met up with Katie yesterday for some very muggy miles. Can you see the humidity in this photo? (ps, I’ll be complaining about TN humidity for the next few months, apologies in advance.)20160526_062044Katie and I started this thing where you have to come to each run with a story to tell. It’s fun, you should try it :) Yesterday I told this story about a guy I met in Florida recently. Amazing!20160526_064250

2. ricotta? So my latest obsession is making my own yogurt. So far I’ve been pretty successful BUT the other day I left the yogurt at room temp for too long. It got really thick and clumpy and then when I strained it… it turned into ricotta. homemade_ricotta_DSC0521Or at least, I think it’s ricotta. It looks and tastes like ricotta. What do you think? Should I eat it? I’ll probably try it this weekend and report back on Monday. If you don’t hear from me, then, well… if there’s one way to go, I’d like it to be cheese.homemade_ricotta_DSC0524

3. guests from down under! Anthony’s parents arrived all the way from Australia yesterday evening, just in time for dinner! They’ll be staying with us for the next six weeks or so. Anthony’s mom is an awesome cook, so expect to see some of her creations soon :)_DSC0632I was in charge of the menu yesterday and did a simple quiche + soup (with cheese obviously). I thought something simple and light would be nice after an 18-hour flight._DSC0634Though we did save room for dessert! My mother-in-law’s birthday was this week :). I made her a mini version of this cake, which I’ve made four times in the last two months…_DSC0637

4. new shoes! Ampla Sport sent me these crazy carbon fiber “Ampla Fly” running shoes to try.20160521_091447The carbon fiber plate on the bottom of the shoe is supposed to “guide upon foot-strike and release stored energy at toe-off.” I have to say, I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing.20160521_091453BUT, actually, these shoes were pretty comfortable to run in! They did add a little spring to my step, but not in a unnatural way. They sort of reminded me of Newtons because they force you to run on the balls of your feet. But instead of a huge blob of padding in the front of the shoe, there’s this futuristic carbon fiber plate. Pretty cool.20160521_091401(0)Here’s them in action!

Running in @ampla_sport shoes! Carbon fiber soles. Very cool.

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5. ice cream! Let’s end this post on a sweet note! Nashvillians, I have some breaking dessert news: Baskin Robbins’ Nashville locations have released the Sundae Shake — a “best of both worlds” combo of a milkshake AND a sundae. Obviously they asked me to help spread the word on my blog because duh, ice cream. I will take the oreo one on the left, please.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  • Craziest shoe you’ve ever worn?
  • Favorite ice cream/shake flavor?
  • Which is worse: heat, humidity, sun, wind, rain, or ice?

4 thoughts on “5 things friday

  1. Humidity is the worst, hands down! I’m Nashvillian, and I am not ready for the mugginess. When I first fell in love with running, it was winter, so I got to know and love running with gloves, earmuffs, etc. Running at 6 am and sweating profusely is not my favorite. 😉

  2. Six weeks. You are a really good daughter in law and wife.

    I’m ok with the nasty FL humidity as long as I can get out super early and avoid the sun. Hot sun is the worst. Beating down on you and melting you into the pavement. I guess ice could be worse because it’s dangerous but I wouldn’t know:)

  3. Our Summer’s tend to just be hot and dry so I think heat is the worst, but anytime it rains and we have humidity (high humidity here is like 30%) then I assume that’s the worst! Bring on fall!