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long weekend

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! I think that ALL weekends should be three days. It’s the perfect amount of time to fit in all the fun and chores needed after a work week :)

I want to start this post with an announcement:20160529_135029
Lots of cards and games happening this past weekend. We headed to my parents’ lake house with my whole fam, including Anthony’s parents. Saturday was a little overcast but Sunday was beautiful!20160529_130312We sat on the dock for most of the weekend but did get up once or twice to move our legs. 20160529_074403Don’t you love when little changes make a big difference in your run? For example, they finally replaced the wood on this bridge. For years I’d been waiting to fall straight through and now I can run without fearing for my life. The bridge, last year:0523150747fMy other favorite mini route changes are when they put in sidewalks on sidewalk-less streets. And when they add a pedestrian stoplight to an intersection. Oh, and obviously street furniture always jazzes up my routes. In case anyone was wondering.

Back to the run, though. Anthony and I covered about four miles along the forest-y trails. 20160529_075714I’ll never know the exact mileage because my poor little Garmin can’t read the satellites through all these trees.20160529_081259Post-run feast on the dock:20160529_123524And a voyage on the water! Using your arms to propel you is a lot tougher than using your legs BTW. 20160529_094650We came back from the lake late Sunday night so that we had time for a full day of housework, chores, and errands on Monday. We had an empty fridge and a mountain of ironing to tackle! I was mostly in charge of the food:chicken_posole_slow_cooker_DSC0002After a few days of tacos, barbecue, and burgers, something light and soupy sounded good. I settled on an old favorite: chicken posole!chicken_posole_slow_cooker_DSC0004All the credit for the original recipe goes to Food Network, the credit for me being able to cook it while taking a two-hour nap (not on the chore list, sorry Anthony) goes to my slow cooker, and the credit for that perfectly diced cilantro goes to my mother-in-law :)chicken_posole_slow_cooker_DSC0007Time to get back in the swing of things. See you tomorrow!

  • If you were a food item, what would you be?
  • Highlight of your long weekend?
  • Favorite little change that’s occurred on one of your favorite routes?

2 thoughts on “long weekend

  1. Recently a section of my running path was re-paved and it made a huge difference. I didn’t realize how lumpy and uneven it was until it wasn’t!

    That soup looks soooo good!

  2. I walked 13.1 miles on a trail with my friend, who was carrying her 9-month-old baby boy on her back! 13.1 miles never seemed so long (PW of 3:44), but it was really fun!