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summer running gear: my must-haves & current wants

It’s officially HOT here in Nashville so I thought it’s about time I share some of my favorite summer running must-haves and wants! If you’re looking for some gear and clothes to keep you cool this season, here are some of my top picks:

Summer running must-haves:

1. Ultimate Direction Handy 10 water bottle. I used to think not carrying water made me tough, but now I realize that not carrying water meant I was stupid. I’ll always take this water bottle on any summer run over 10 miles and on especially hot days I’ll take this bottle on any run longer than 45 minutes. IMG_2391

2. North Face Burnout Tank. I LOVE this tank and bought it in two colors last year. It’s light, breezy, and loose but not baggy. I didn’t know North Face made such awesome workout clothes but I’m planning to shop their stuff more this summer.IMG_20150904_114418

3. Lululemon What the Sport Shorts. I know I rave about these all the time but they’re seriously the best shorts in the world. After my love for Nike tempo shorts finally ended last year I quickly moved into a serious relationship with these shorts. Looking around on the Lulu site, I can’t seem to find them again though… please tell me they haven’t been discontinued?!


4. Oakley Pulse sunglasses. Love these sunnies! (<- Australian term for sunglasses). They’re stylish and diva-like but sporty too. And they don’t slide off my nose or give me a headache. 0506150718

5. Nike Featherlight visor. This visor has endured hundreds of sweaty runs since I bought it a few years ago! I actually have this visor in two colors because I love it so much. It holds up really well in the wash, keeps all my crazy hair out of my faceand stays nice and firm on my head. 20160515_111246

**And now for some summer running WANTS (sorry Anthony, I’ll have to go shopping this weekend)… **

1. North Face “Better Than Naked” tank. The name of this top seems to say it all. It looks so light and wonderful!


2. Gapfit Illusion Racerback tank. How cute is the back of this tank? Worth the weird tan lines.gapfit_illusion

3. Tracksmith Waban shorts. Has anyone tried Tracksmith gear yet? I’m kind of in love with the all-American/throwback style of this new brand.


Tell me your summer running needs/wants in the comments section!


5 thoughts on “summer running gear: my must-haves & current wants

  1. I HATE when places discontinue shorts- especially staple shorts. In the digital age, shouldn’t they be able to pull up a lit of everyone who has ordered more than one pair (ie- superusers!) and email them before they are discontinued?! I am currently searching the globe for athleta presto shorts- had 3 pairs that held up through twice-weekly wear for ~3 years, and now I can’t get more! Ugh. Clearly, I feel strongly about this. Thanks for giving me the space to rant! :)

  2. Can’t wait to check out the North Face tops. I can’t recommend the Gap one – I have the Gap motion tank from two years ago and it is not a great summer tank. The material is the opposite of wicking. It gets soaked and feels heavy and wet. Until you walk into AC and it’s cold and wet. Nice and stretchy though – fine for cooler and less humid temps. Love the retro shorts. Curious how they feel.

    • oh, i ALSO have the gap motion tank and agree, it’s no good for hot running. in fact, i use it as a base layer during the WINTER, ha! hmmm… i wonder if this tank is made from the same material. it seems to be. maybe i should nix it from the list!