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rolling through the weekend

How was your weekend? Ours started with a pile of Mexican food on Friday…_DSC0030which was followed by a soggy run on Saturday!20160604_080010(0)Anthony and I went out to the park and got rained on a little bit. 20160604_082515The nice thing about running in bad weather = you have the trails to yourself because everyone else wimps out 😉20160604_082323Seven miles on the dot! The humidity/rain kind of wiped us out on this run. 20160604_085057Luckily on the last mile we were cheered on by this chair on Riverside.20160604_082800The weather cleared up later in the day for outdoor papusa making! More on that tomorrow :)homemade_papusas_DSC0079homemade_papusas_DSC0105Other culinary adventures of the weekend included my second attempt at stuffed cabbage rolls. This batch turned out waaaay better than my first one :)stuffed_collard_green_rolls_DSC0133I can’t say these are actual stuffed cabbage rolls, though, because Tina and I accidentally bought collard leaves instead of cabbage leaves! We just (literally) rolled with it anyways.stuffed_collard_green_rolls_DSC0115This recipe is definitely a weekend (or make-ahead) recipe but it’s pretty fun. You take a mix of ground beef, rice, and eggs and roll it up into boiled cabbage or collard leaves.stuffed_collard_green_rolls_DSC0119Then you lay the rolls into a pan and cover them with a tomato/herb sauce. We added bits of pork rib, too — just like my grandma used to do!


Bake at 350 for 40 minutes and serve hot!stuffed_collard_green_rolls_DSC0133We paired our collard rolls with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Yum.stuffed_collard_green_rolls_DSC0148Tina and I didn’t really follow a recipe, but if you’re looking to recreate this at home here’s one that looks good!

  • One recipe that comes from your grandparents?
  • Did you get rained on this weekend during your run?
  • Ever eaten a papusa?

4 thoughts on “rolling through the weekend

  1. Wow those cooking pictures are impressive! Cooking = definitely not one of my strong points…which is why I like to see what you can do haha.

    I came very close to getting rained on this weekend, but luckily it was at the end of my run and just “misting” a little before the real rains came.

    • love beating out the rain! i’d much rather try to get out early and beat it rather than wait it out until it’s over :)

  2. I ran my half on Saturday in Leipers Fork…………..most humid race ever! I was about 30 seconds slower per mile because of it! But it was still a blast.