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pupusa making with the pros

Over the weekend we made pupusas with the pros!20160604_182838My parents made some friends from El Salvador and fell in love at first taste with pupusas, which are delicious stuffed corn tortilla rounds you make by hand, stuff with cheese and things, coat in oil, and toast on a hot griddle. Yeah.homemade_papusas_DSC0088I’ve only had pupusas a couple of times — mostly when we lived in DC, where there was a larger El Salvadorean population. I had no idea how to make them, though!homemade_papusas_DSC0067Silma and Jenny, our instructors, led us through each step, starting with the fillings and toppings: meat, beans, lotsa cheese, a cabbage slaw, and a red sauce. Luckily they’d prepared much of it in advance or else we’d probably still be making pupusas today 😉homemade_papusas_DSC0037Then we all headed outside to form the pupusa patties and fry them up! Silma made the dough shaping and stuffing look so easy, but it was not!homemade_papusas_DSC0074The trick is using your palm to measure and shape the dough. Start by making a nice little indented pupusa pillow for the stuffing…homemade_papusas_DSC0052Then push the dough up around the filling, remove the excess, and form a disc.homemade_papusas_DSC0101Then, you slap the pupusa back and forth between your hands until it’s thin like a pancake. But not so thin that the fillings ooze out! As you can tell, the ladies of my family were pretty perplexed by the whole process (the men had decided they were only going to be pupusa taste-testers by this point, ha).homemade_papusas_DSC0061Once your pupusa is nice and delgada, you toss it on the grill and let it puff up, bubble a bit, and crisp on the edges.homemade_papusas_DSC0105Serve with cabbage slaw and red sauce and eat as many as you can.homemade_papusas_DSC0109Thanks to Jenny and Silma for the pupusa wisdom! If you want to make these delicious stuffed corn tortilla treats at home, here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started. Don’t skimp on the cheese or oil, and you should be fine 😉

  • Ever tried pupusas?
  • Favorite exotic dish?
  • If you were to give cooking lessons for any dish, what would it be?!

2 thoughts on “pupusa making with the pros

  1. Yes, I’ve had pupusas and they are the bomb! Pupusas are the best thing EVER! But don’t ask me to pick a favorite exotic dish, ’cause that’s too hard. And I would give wonton-making lessons. :)